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Building an obsessively accurate template of a yacht deck is the first step in Teakdecking Systems’ method of constructing deck panels at its Florida production shop for installation at build and refit shops anywhere in the world. Story on page 22.
Photograph by Aaron Porter.


Teak Deck BuildingAaron Porter

Modern teak decks. Page 22.

22 The Tech of Teak
by Aaron Porter
A manufacturing idea conceived in Sweden and developed in Florida changed the way boat builders and refit yards build teak decks the world over.

The CompetitorSteve D’Antonio

Palm Beach Motor Yachts. Page 36.

36 The Competitor
by Steve D’Antonio
Australian boatbuilder and professional racing sailor Mark Richards builds Palm Beach Motor Yachts into a thriving production brand.

Coastal cruising.Courtesy Nordhavn

Designed for coastal cruising. Page 48.

48 Going Coastal
by Mike Telleria
Nordhavn faced challenges in designing its 59′ semi-displacement model for coastal cruising and to meet European Category A specifications.

Designed for coastal cruising. Page 48.Dan Spurr

Refits at Philbrook’s. Page 56.

56 Three’s a Crowd
by Dan Spurr
The refit projects at Philbrook’s on Vancouver Island fit the bill, fill the property, and keep a crew of 60 busy.

Sailing yachts.Ross Tibbits

Philosophy of Tom Wylie. Page 70.

70 Wylie’s Way
by Ross Tibbits
After 40 years designing competitive sailing yachts, Tom Wylie thinks more about his new boats’ impacts on the environment than on the racing circuit.


4 Letters, Etc.
Readers comment on lessons from “The Scarano Fleet”; end-swapping; and inclining experiment best practices.

10 Rovings
compiled by Dan Spurr
The Tupolev A-3 ground effect vehicle; eight bells Sonny Levi; dry vents for the engineroom; the emergency services Jetcat; three Canadian electric launches; and tubes from Innovative Composite Engineering.

88 Parting Shot
by Eric W. Sponberg
A retired naval architect looks back on changes that design software development imposed on his trade, and the simpler tools it replaced.


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