New Products and Processes from ProBoat Advertisers

Volume 2016-03
Professional BoatBuilder’s advertising department uses this page to publish excerpts from press releases showcasing the newest products and processes in the marine industry.

Northern Lights office.Northern Lights Opens New Branch Office

Northern Lights (Seattle, Washington), manufacturers of generators, HVAC, and refrigeration systems, is opening a branch office, in Kenner, Louisiana, early next year. With a full-time sales, parts, and service staff, the new branch will accommodate customers in the Gulf of Mexico and all navigable inland waterways in the Midwest and Eastern regions of the United States, including New Orleans, Houston, Pensacola, and Paducah. The Northern Lights family of marine generator sets include products from 5–545kW.

Northern Lights logo.Contact: Scott Putnicki; 206-789-3880;;

Fein Starlock accessories.New Starlock Accessories From FEIN

FEIN (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) has launched a Starlock tool mount for oscillating power tools, with three-dimensional geometry. Starlock accessories work with oscillating renovation systems from FEIN (MultiMaster, MultiTalent, SuperCut) and Bosch, as well as other manufacturers’ machines with 12-point mounts. The cutting teeth are high-speed steel and the blade is temperature-resistant high-carbon steel. FEIN E-Cut Precision bimetal saw blades are available in 1.37″, 1.77″, 2.17″, or 2.56″ cutting widths.

Fein logo. Contact: FEIN Power Tools Inc.;412-922-8886;;

Quantum paint can.Quantum Two-Part Coatings

Engineered Marine Coatings (Charleston, South Carolina) produces Quantum, a two-part coatings system that combines aerospace technology with marine paint. When compared to other marine coatings, the Quantum line applies easier, dries faster, shines brighter, and lasts twice as long by warranty.

Quantum paint logo.
Contact: Jon Boswell; 855-544-3648;;

Balmar AltMount serpentine pulley.Balmar’s Newest Patent

Balmar LLC (Marysville, Washington), manufacturer of marine DC charging systems, has been awarded an additional utility patent protection for its AltMount Serpentine Pulley Conversion design. The patent covers Balmar’s approach of converting an engine crankshaft pulley from single vee to multi-groove serpentine, thereby allowing for higher power alternators that demand power take-off loads that cannot be supported by single vee pulley systems.

Balmar logo.Contact: Dale English;
360-435-6100 ext. 320;;


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