New Products and Processes from ProBoat Advertisers

Volume 2016-07
Professional BoatBuilder’s advertising department uses this page to publish excerpts from press releases showcasing the newest products and processes in the marine industry.

Waytek fuse holders.PDM-AMI Fuse Holders

Waytek Inc. (Chanhassen, Minnesota) now offers a full line of Cooper Bussmann Eaton PDM-AMI sealed bolt-in fuse holders. Designed to handle higher currents (30A–200A), the PDM-AMI requires just one input connection to power multiple industry-standard AMI fuses, providing efficient power distribution suitable for many battery-box and “under the hood” applications. The rugged design is vibration resistant with a IP6K9K rating, offering heavy-duty housing, silicone gaskets, tin-plated copper bus bars, M8 cable input/output studs, and stainless-steel compression limiters.

Waytek logo. Contact: Waytek Sales; 888-275-7054;;

J.W. Winco stainless steel pull handles.Stainless Steel Arched Pull Handles

J.W. Winco, Inc.(New Berlin, WI) now offers GN 565.9 stainless steel arched pull handles. Preferably used for such applications where easy sliding of folding doors or cabinet drawers can be operated with a single finger, the shape of the arched pull handles blends well with modern design.
The handles are available in two types, Type A version with tapped holes and Type B version with counter-bored thru-holes that accepts socket cap screws. Kit packaging of the handle and accompanying screws is also available upon request.

J.W. Winco logo. Contact: John Winkler; 800-877-8351;;

Fastmount nonflammable glue.Fastmount’s Nontoxic, Nonflammable Glue

Fastmount (Aukland, New Zealand) has collaborated with a specialist UK solvent-free chemicals manufacturer to create SuperGroove Adhesive, a nontoxic, nonflammable glue. SuperGroove Adhesive has a 12-month shelf life allowing for more affordable shipping methods and, due to its organic compound and non-solvent base, does not give off carcinogenic fumes. Unlike standard two-part glues, which require full protective gear, SuperGroove Adhesive requires gloves only. This glue is ideal for use in confined spaces and is available in two sizes—30ml and 400ml.

Contact: Crystal Snider; 800-967-7753;;

Precontraint paint series. Serge Ferrari’s Précontraint 502 Satin

Serge Ferrari North American (Pompano Beach, Florida) has upgraded its classic Précontraint 502 paint series with Précontraint 502 Satin. The new series maintains all the performance characteristics as its predecessor, including dimensional stability, excellent UV resistance, heat and weather protection, a large selection of available colors, and color retention and strength for long-term aesthetics and durability. But, Précontraint 502 Satin also offers two new benefits: A more desirable satin finish, and a new PVDF topcoat on both sides for exceptional long-term dirt resistance.

Serge Ferrari logo.Contact: Steve Szenay; 954-942-3600;;


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