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A Builder’s Life

Barrie Farrell is a lifelong builder of boats—all manner of boats—in British Columbia, Canada, with a thousand stories to tell, which he mightily recalls in a recently published autobiography, Boats… Read more »

Solving Sulfation

Recently I dealt with a case of battery sulfation aboard a vessel equipped with a one-year-old, 700-amp-hour, 12V absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery bank. Charge sources included a 130-amp inverter/charger,… Read more »

Recycling Dead Boats

Editor’s Note: This article was first published in Professional BoatBuilder August/Sept 1999, issue No. 60. Read a new introduction by Eric Sponberg here. For more about recycling boats, also see “Boat… Read more »

MDT’s Vector 40

Last May, while on location near Stockholm, Sweden, preparing a profile of Hamnvägen-based Mannerfelt Design Team for Professional BoatBuilder magazine (see the cover story of PBB No. 163, Oct/Nov 2016),… Read more »

deck shearography

Categorizing Flaws Found by NDE

Editor’s Note: While its usefulness has been well demonstrated in boat repair, non-destructive examination (NDE) has potential for boat builders too. We look at those possibilities in the article “Builders’… Read more »

X43 motoryacht under construction

Made in Manchuria

After four-and-a-half years of work on tooling, molds, and construction for a 43‘ (13.1m) motoryacht, a northern Chinese firm, dba XSYacht, has launched its first hull, targeting Chinese, Southeast Asian,… Read more »