Professional BoatBuilder Issue No. 147

February/March 2014 — Table of Contents

Professional BoatBuilder issue 147On the cover: This newly tooled North Rip 29 (8.8m) model was developed by USWatercraft after the company bought the North Rip brand and its solitary 21′ (6.4m) center-console sportfisherman. To be introduced at shows in 2014, the 29-footer maintains an aesthetic with pronounced flare and powder horn sheer. Story on page 38.

Photo by Dan Spurr.


Work-altered aluminumMAIB Report

Risks of work-altered aluminum. Page 24.

24    Altered Properties
by John Kecsmar
Understanding how the structural characteristics of aluminum alloys change during the bending and welding of construction is essential for boat designers and builders.

USWatercraftDan Spurr

Diverse offerings at USWatercraft. Page 38.

38    On Hallowed Ground
by Dan Spurr
USWatercraft is assembling a diverse group of brands on an existing solid foundation of former Rhode Island boatbuilders, particularly the Pearson family’s companies.

Bilge pumpSteve D’Antonio

Bilge pump best practices. Page 48.

48    Plumbing the Depths
by Steve D’Antonio
Design, installation, and maintenance of electric bilge pump systems debunked and done right.

Production at Fairey MarineFairey Owners’ Club Archives

Production at Fairey Marine. Page 64.

64    Fairey Marine
by Charles Lawrence
A warplane builder on the coast of Britain transitioned to hot-molding wood racing dinghies in the late 1940s, legendary deep-V powerboats in the late ’50s, and by the early ’70s to producing fiberglass boats.


6    Letters
Readers comment on applying the Savitsky method to the long and narrow; flaws in a wet-wiring article; backing down during sea trials; and more advantages of adhesive fasteners.

10    Rovings 
compiled by Dan Spurr
The Greenline 33 Hybrid; Bruckmann’s new Abaco 40; Venture Offshore Cup open to workboats; Camarc design of Scotland; a new Dutch trihull, not trimaran; spray-on sound damping; and a get-home hydraulic drive.

18    Design Brief
by Albert Abma
Efficient tracking of labor and expenses in a small boatyard doesn’t have to rely on costly new software and a computer to run it.

80    Parting Shot
by Steve D’Antonio
The right words of apology can calm the angriest customer but only when delivered with sincerity and followed with action.


74    Connections

77    Classified Advertising

79    Index to Advertisers