Professional BoatBuilder

Issue No. 138,  August/September 2012 — Table of Contents

PBB138 SmallCoverOn the cover: This shaft anode exhibits an unusual corrosion pattern that isn’t necessarily symptomatic of a faulty installation. Any anodes that aren’t being consumed in a reasonable period of time indicate trouble in the bonding system: either a poor connection between an anode and the object it’s supposed to protect, or a coating that forms and interferes with the intended sacrificial corrosion of zinc anodes employed in fresh water. Story on page 18. 

Photograph by Steve D’Antonio.



TOC138 01
Steve D’Antonio
Best bonding practices.
Page 18.

18    Best Practices    
by Steve D’Antonio
How to design, install, and troubleshoot a bonding system that provides optimum corrosion protection for a boat’s underwater metal fittings.

TOC138 02
Mark Ellis Design
Mark Ellis’s powerboats.
Page 32.

32    The Deep-V Refined    
by Robert Mazza
Mark Ellis’s powerboat designs owe much of their success to his early experience in the Hunt design office, his affinity for classic aesthetics and sailboats, and his good business sense.

TOC138 03
Brooklin Boat Yard
Tripp’s Katrinka restored.
Page 48.

48    Special Project
by Paul Lazarus
The Tripp-designed cruiser/racer Katrinka was methodically gutted, out to the original skins of her 40-year-old molded fiberglass parts. And then brought all the way back, to better than new. Katrinka is a case study in how to sensibly, and sensitively, upgrade a modern classic—with marine composites.

TOC138 04
Eric Sponberg
Hull design protection.
Page 64.

64    Splash Protection in Practice
by Benjamin Ford
The U.S. Vessel Hull Design Protection Act is 13 years old. How is it working for boatbuilders?



4    Letters
Readers comment on untinned wire and welding cable in onboard electrical applications; and concerns about repowering with electric propulsion units.

6    Rovings    
compiled by Dan Spurr
New core materials from DIAB; reusing derelict boats; the largest outboard motor; the EEL shore-power cord; High-Speed Boat Operations Forum; C&C reunion; Gunboat in North Carolina; and hybrid propulsion from Northern Lights.
80    Parting Shot    
by John Brooks
An experienced boat and paper-airplane designer and builder reflects on the value of simplifying construction ideas and details before they get to the shop floor.


74    Services

76    New Products and Processes

77    Classified Advertising

79    Index to Advertisers