Professional BoatBuilder

Issue No. 146, December/January 2014 — Table of Contents



Cover issue 146On the cover: Lightweight custom hardware and hand-painted faux wood grain at the head of the new 96′11″ (29.5m) carbon fiber mainmast built by GMT Composites (Bristol, Rhode Island) for the classic Alden-designed schooner Summerwind. Story on page 40.

Photo courtesy GMT Composites.



Advanced Hull composites
Courtesy Seemann Composites Inc.
Advanced hull composites.
Page 24.

24    Ultrariverine
by Paul Lazarus
This fast and lightweight demonstrator model of the 40′ (12.2m) Advanced Composite Riverine Craft was delivered to the U.S. Navy not long ago. Its structural design mitigates wave-impact shock, reduces hull-bottom damage, and may well presage the future construction of planing FRP powerboats.

Carbon fiber spars
Courtesy GMT Composites
Carbon fiber spars.
Page 40.

40    Carbon Conversion
by Dan Spurr
A classic schooner sheds thousands of pounds aloft when GMT Composites replaces her spruce spars with lightweight carbon masts and booms.

Properties of stainless
Steve D’Antonio
Properties of stainless.
Page 48.

48    The Power and Peril of Stainless
by Steve D’Antonio
Despite stainless steel’s deserved reputation for corrosion resistance, longevity, and durability, this alloy is prone to a variety of failures depending on its actual composition and application in the marine environment.

Bruce Pfund
Ball-valve maintenance.
Page 62.

62    What Goes Around
by Bruce Pfund
Ball valves are common in onboard plumbing; less so is an
understanding of their installation and maintenance requirements.



4    Letters
Readers comment on centrifugal oil filtration; boatbuilding in South Africa; and workplace safety at China Sail Factory.

10    Rovings 
compiled by Dan Spurr
Evolution of joystick controls; multihull pioneers Dick Newick and Alex Kozloff remembered; Gibco Flex-Mold lives on; slippery gun roving; a foam-cored plywood-and-aluminum hull; and Hydrocoat Eco.

18    Practical Solutions
by Jim Moores
Efficient tracking of labor and expenses in a small boatyard doesn’t have to rely on costly new software and a computer to run it.

80    Parting Shot
by Mark D. Lougheed
Inconsistent performance among the diverse technologies currently available in shock-mitigating seats has spurred the ISO to create a new committee to set standards for such equipment.


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