Professional BoatBuilder

Issue No. 150, August/September 2014 — Table of Contents



Probessional BoatBuilder coverOn the cover: Ultrasonic-testing a composite hull in way of the integral chainplates can reveal potentially catastrophic delamination and bond failures without cutting into the structure or finish. Shown here are a taped-on test grid and some residual couplant—medical-grade ultrasonic gel that helps propagate sound waves. Story on page 60.

Photograph by Roby Scalvini.



Hull membrane
Ken Raybould/PPB Redraw
An early membrane hull.
Page 22.

22    The Membrane Concept
byKen Raybould
In 1970, a team of composites specialists worked with Fabmat to develop a membrane skin with predicted deflection on a 36′ (11m) powerboat.

Joel Page
Franchise laws.
Page 26.

26    Are Your Dealers Franchisees?
by Benjamin Ford
Boatbuilders who terminate or alter dealer agreements may run afoul
of franchise statutes, which differ from state to state.

Courtesy Hunt/Gladding-Hearn
Hunt pilot boats.
Page 34.

34    H/G-H Pilot Boats, Part 1
by Paul Lazarus
Pilot boats produced by a design/build venture begun in the late 1970s between two venerable Massachusetts firms—C. Raymond Hunt Associates, and Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding—now dominate the U.S. fleet.

Large prop
Courtesy Stone Marine Propulsion
The case for large props.
Page 50.

50    Praise for Big Props
by Nigel Calder
In reevaluating the relationship between propeller size and horse­power of conventional marine diesels powering displacement hulls, for efficiency, go with the large prop.

Ultrasonic flaw detection
Roby Scalvini
Ultrasonic flaw detection.
Page 60.

60    The ABC’s of UT
by Roby Scalvini
If you can invest in just one advanced non-destructive testing technology, it should be ultrasonic.



4    Letters
Readers comment on sailboats from Fairey Marine; alternative lithium-ion batteries; Hinckley’s rudder plugs; identifying Hobie Alter; Black Cat’s fire extinguisher count; and the lack of Gulf Coast coverage.

10    Rovings 
compiled by Dan Spurr
Glen-L Marine; a new model from Robert Perry and Pacific Seacraft; highlights from the High Speed Boat Operations Forum; a retractable sunroof from Webasto; and concealing valuables afloat.

72    Tools of the Trade
by Dan Spurr, Steve D’Antonio, and Aaron Porter
Tools, techniques, and ideas that grabbed our editors’ attention and imagination at professional shows and conferences in the past year.

88    Parting Shot
by Erik Seither
Recent regulatory changes and on-the-water failures have driven home the need for boat designers to brush up on stability calculations.


80    New Products and Processes

81    Connections

85    Classified Advertising

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