Video: On the Show Floor at IBEX

At last week’s 2014 International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference (IBEX), in Tampa, Florida, ProBoat’s editorial staff was stretched thin hosting and moderating the series of 55 technical seminars, meeting the constant stream of subscribers and contributing writers at our booth on the show floor, and walking the show to see the wealth of new ideas and innovative solutions the 558 marine industry exhibitors had to offer.

For those of you who weren’t among the 6,900 in attendance, we asked technical editor Steve D’Antonio to share a couple of his favorites from the show floor. For D’Antonio, a marine consultant who spent many years managing a boatyard, IBEX is an opportunity not only to find new products and ideas but also to meet a variety of manufacturers and ask technical questions. “In the short course of two or three days I can gather a tremendous amount of information and get the answers that I need,” he says.

On the show floor he was drawn to products that promise to make life easier in the shop and on the boat—like the purpose-made fuse boxes from Blue Sea Systems in the video below:

Next, you might be surprised to hear a pair of scissors called an exciting new product. But new ones from Wolff Industries are designed to cut especially tough composite materials and stay sharp four times as long as your standard set. As D’Antonio explains, for anyone who has worked in a boatyard, that’s exciting.

“As a former boatyard manager I know that scissors are one of the things that we frequently have to sharpen or throw away and buy new ones, and when I came across one that was designed to last longer, stay sharp longer, especially when it was cutting difficult-to-cut materials, it caught my attention,” he says.


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