Marscot 22’ Utility Boat

In Professional BoatBuilder No. 135, the article “Wood to Glass” previews the making of a virtual exhibit of boats, designers, and builders significant during the years 1940–70, when wood as the preferred hull and deck material gave way to fiberglass. Readers are asked to contribute stories and photos to the virtual exhibit, which eventually will become a physical exhibit traveling between our partner institutions: Mystic Seaport, Mariners Museum, and the MIT Museum.


Brian Slater, member of the Hamburg Cove Yacht Club in Old Lyme, Connecticut, wrote to tell us of his acquisition of a 22’ (6.7m) Marscot bass boat.

“I only bought the boat in August [2015] and then travelled so this year she has been more of an ornament in the water than anything, and is now in store awaiting some minor winter work.

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    Marscot 22’ Utility Boat

“I have managed to pull together the paper trail of ownership, with a couple of spaces. Her first owner was Charles F. Chapman, he of the boating bible. In the bill of sale from him to the next owner she is marked as a 1953 Marscot 22’ Utility Boat. The paper trail has her changing size (23’), year of build (1952), builder yard (Palmer Scott), and type of boat (bass boat), but I think C.F. Chapman probably would have been accurate. She has been well looked after, the last owner doing a major restoration job a few years ago, so I have minor fixes. To the extent we can determine she still has the original Chris-Craft Model K engine, refurbished somewhere back.

“Given the brief period of ownership I only have a few photos. I am glad there is someone out there keeping track of these classics, although the design seems to have continued on.”