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Relatively new to the growing group of scantling software is YACHTScant, from the U.K.-based company CompoSIDE, which promises that its array of design and data-management tools can deliver “up to 40% efficiency gains by reducing the development time and cost for composites applications.”

YACHTScant integrates a materials database with 2D and 3D design functions, tools for creating various laminates, and FEA; extensive reports can compare properties and costs of different laminates, as well as fulfill documentation and certification (ISO, GL) requirements.

Scantling software onlineCourtesy COMPOSIDE

YACHTScant software incorporates 3D design tools, including FEA (finite element analysis), to enable the operator to describe structural features such as panels and beams, and, by applying theoretical loads, to develop a laminate schedule.

Work begins on the dashboard, where access to the basic elements of CompoSIDE reside: PROJECTSpace, CompoSIDE Material Database (CMDB), LAMINASpace, FESpace, YACHTScant, BoMGen, and REPORTSpace. The workflow sequence takes one through preliminary design, modeling, detailed design where one can define individual panel surfaces and automatically generate a bill of materials, and, lastly, reports. Changes made along the way automatically update downstream.

One builds a laminate stack for a given panel or structure such as a bulkhead or beam; selects products from an extensive materials library; specifies requirements for sheer force, bending moment, stiffness, and thickness; applies loads to it; optimizes the stack based on results; and generates reports as HTML or PDF files, or exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

An hour-long webinar, available on the company’s website, takes one through an overview of the process, citing at the end the use of YACHTScant to analyze the mast and keel structures of a 116 (35m) sailboat for Baltic Yachts, the main bulkhead of a 100 (30m) sail yacht, the lifting keel gantry for a 45 (13.7m) racing yacht, and the engine grillage for a 52 (16m) Xtender powerboat.

Cost of subscriptions begins at $6,250 per year for one or two engineers. Charges are for volume of usage, driven by the number of users and the functions they use. There are no software site licenses. Free trials are available.

CompoSIDE, Old Riggers Loft, Marina Walk, Cowes, Isle of Wight PO31 7XJ, U.K., tel. +44 (0) 1983 242 677, website