Video: Dave and Steve Clark’s UFO Foiling Catamaran

Chasing UFOs: A brief film about the UFO foiler

Video by Billy Black

When Dave and Steve Clark started designing the UFO (Unidentified Foiling Object) their intention was to make foiling technology available to a wider audience (read Dave Clark’s Design Brief).

In contrast to an International Moth foiler, which Steve describes as “a completely unstable 1-foot-wide waterplane boat,” they wanted their design to feature a lot of initial stability.

To accomplish that, they decided on a solid-deck catamaran hullform with centerline foils that can be pulled up when the boat is on land. That combination allows the boat to be easily placed on the beach and rolled into the water with a simple dolly.

“When you get to deep water you put the main foils down, and you foil away,” explained Steve.

Watch the Clarks demonstrate the UFO’s features in the video above. The video includes the foiler on the water, an experience Dave calls, “practically euphoric.”

To learn more about the UFO, read the full design brief, “The People’s Foiler,” by Dave Clark, available online and in Professional BoatBuilder No. 166.

The People’s Foiler: A Design Brief on the UFO Foiling Catamaran