What to Do with Unsightly Deck Cranes?

Big toys on big yachts can do all sorts of fun things…except launch themselves. Jet skis jump waves. RIBs ferry guests to and from clubs on shore. Center consoles speed the skipper and his pals away to the canyons for big-game fishing. Unless the toys are stored in a so-called garage at water level, to get from the deck to the briny blue requires a deck crane. And when not in use, which is most of the time, it just sits there like some Transformer waiting to animate itself and commit mayhem.

additional uses for deck cranesCourtesy Feebe (both)

The Dutch company Feebe is promoting its deck crane as a multifunctional accoutrement easily transformed into a bar, a DJ station, or a …?

Ah, but a Dutch company has a clever solution. With the help of Bernd Weel Design, Feebe’s 1,540-lb (700-kg) crane really does transform itself into other shapes, to wit, a beverage bar (of which there are never enough on a well-equipped yacht) or a DJ music station. Feebe invites other suggestions to meet individual and particular needs. They are anxious to accommodate.

Feebe, Ald Rij 10, 8822 WX Arum, The Netherlands, tel. +31 (0) 517 850 851, website www.feebe.nl. —D.S.