The High End of High Speed

The VQ46 (14.3m) sport cruiser Vanquish Yachts

Vanquish yachts are marketed as the ultimate playthings for wealthy yachtsmen. The VQ46 (14.3m) sport cruiser has three 400-hp (300-kW) outboards, and the modest interior, described by Luxurious Magazine in land­lubber terms, “comprises a galley with sink and refrigerator, as well as a spacious bathroom with toilet and shower.

A six-year-old Dutch builder of large, high-speed, ax-bow motoryachts recently introduced its latest model, the VQ54 (16.5m). It joins the VQ32, VQ43 MK2, VQ48 and VQ48DC (9.8m, 13.1m, and 14.6m), the VQ50 (15.2m), and the Vangraft VQ16 (4.9m) plaything. Tom Steentjes of Vanquish Yachts reports eight sales of the VQ48 and total sales approaching 43. Other models up to 28m (94), and an outboard 13.7m (45) model are under development. Construction is aluminum with 5083 H111 plate. Steentjes says each boat is “handmade” and fully customizable. The 48 is powered by 2 x 600-hp (450-kW) MAN diesels coupled to pod drives. Max speed is 40+ knots. Price of the 48 is currently €1,075,000 ($1,3422,914). On order for the U.S. are two VQ54s with twin Volvo IPS drives; earlier deliveries of the VQ54 were equipped with 800-hp (600-kW) MAN diesels with surface drives.

The newest model in the Vanquish yachts fleet, the VQ54 (16.5m)Stuart Pearce

The newest model in the Dutch builder’s fleet, the VQ54 (16.5m), viewed from a drone, no doubt, features a lot of red cushions.

The VQ54 (16.5m) from Vanquish Yachts also features a “garage” for a smaller sport boat.Stuart Pearce

The VQ54 (16.5m) from Vanquish Yachts also features a “garage” for a smaller sport boat.

The design work was performed by Guido de Groot, whose portfolio features a lot of superyacht styling. Also a Dutch firm, Studio Delta did the naval architecture and engineering.

Guido de Groot Design, Hogewoerd 122, 2311 HT Leiden, The Nether­lands, tel. +31 (0) 71 566 30 40, website

Studio Delta b.v., Dr. Lelykade 18b, 2583 CM Den Haag, The Netherlands, tel: +31(0)70 3607523, website

Vanquish Yachts, Koematen 54, 8331 Steenwijk, The Netherlands, tel. +31 (0) 522 700 236, website