Short Cuts 180

≡ Derecktor Shipyards signed an agreement with St. Lucie County, Florida, to develop a superyacht repair and refit facility at the Port of St. Lucie, capable of accommodating vessels in the “200 ft [61m] plus range.” A 1,500-ton mobile lift and dry dock should be in operation by the fall of 2020. The yard will cover 8 acres (3.2 hectares) and have 1,000 (305m) of deepwater dockage.

≡ Fiber Shield, a two-part vinylester resin, is sprayed behind gelcoat during lamination to reduce shrinkage, print-through, and blisters. It is mixed on-site, inside the supplied 55-gal drum. It has 5–7 minute cup gel time and 45–60 minutes cure to lamination (temperature dependent), with 1.5% MEKP required.