Delta “T” Balances Power

Delta “T” P/T6Courtesy Delta "T" S

The new automatic engineroom ventilation control system from Delta “T” incorporates a color touch-screen for managing temperatures and airflow.

Delta “T”, a maker of specialized engineroom equipment, has introduced a ventilation control system called P/T6 that automatically controls AC intake and exhaust fans to maintain the desired optimal temperature and pressure in the engineroom. As PBB’s technical editor, Steve D’Antonio, wrote, “All but the smallest engine and engineroom installations will almost certainly require forced ventilation.” Engines and other engineroom equipment that run too hot won’t last as long. And given the high cost of replacement power plants, it pays to monitor and control temperatures.

The difference between the ambient air temperature and the temperature in the engineroom (ideally measured at the air inlet filter) is known as the Delta T, hence the name of the company. D’Antonio’s article contains much useful information for yard hands and installers.

The  P/T6 incorporates a 6.5 x 5.25 (165mm x 133mm) color touch-screen for managing temperatures and has the ability to interface with the boat’s networked monitoring systems. According to the company, it also can connect to a marine fire-detection and -suppression system, which “allows automatic ventilation shutdown while the fire system closes the dampers and releases the extinguishing agent.”

The company also makes a wide range of related products, including fire dampers, blowers, louvers, moisture eliminators, and several types of fans.

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