Boat of the Future


The Boat of the Future is a project devoted to employing modern hydrodynamics to high-speed patrol and pursuit vessels. The project, when complete, will change the look, performance, and safety of high-performance lightweight vessels worldwide. Perfect Storm and its technology partners; Porta Performance, Structural Composites, Ullman Dynamics, and TotalSim US have combined talents to achieve this objective.


9.5m Boat of the Future baseline hullform – combat ready

Length Overall    9.7 m – 31’10” 
Beam Overall    3.17 m – 10’5″ 
Weight    2,580 kg – 5,688 Ibs 
Payload    1,950 kg – 4,299 Ibs 
Collar    Air or Foam 
Tube Diameter    0.56 m – 1’10” 
No of Air Chambers    7 
Rec. Power    2×350 Hp 
Max. Power Allowed    2×400 Hp 
Max. Speed    121 km/h – 75 mph 
Max. Fuel Capacity    197 US Gal – 746 Ltr 
No of Passengers    15 
Propulsion    Outboard  
Classification    C 


The 1970’s marked the design of many high-speed pursuit vessels. By modern vessel hullform standards, these antiquated designs offered extreme hydrodynamic drag and shock to the vessel, cargo, and passengers. The Boat of the Future will be safer, faster and turn more sharply in high-speed pursuit. Additionally, the resultant shock transmitted to the captain and his passengers will be decreased up to ten-fold.


The Boat of the Future will resemble other global high performance government patrol and pursuit craft above the water line. All necessary armament will be preserved for each mission objective. The difference begins at the keel and moves upward. The running surface will be patterned after high-speed designs that hold many offshore racing titles worldwide. Elimination of lifting strakes allows the Boat of the Future to instantly reduce impact while increasing speed and maneuverability. Next, the implementation of impact absorbing overall structure and materials further decreases the shock from the running surface to the deck of the vessel. Lastly, the Boat of the Future employs the latest and most advanced seat and console design to mitigate any resultant impact to the captain and passengers. The design of this vessel is to decrease injury and save lives.


Scott Porta’s orchestration of the Perfect Storm technology partners brings together well over 100 years of high-performance design and construction to the Boat of the Future build.

Each partner has a distinct unduplicated role:

  • Scott Porta, President, Porta Performance
  • Scott Lewit, CEO, Structural Composites
  • Ron Carpenter, President, Ullman Dynamics USA
  • Naethan Eagles, Principal, TotalSim US

Perfect Storm:
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Clay Ratcliffe
(386) 589-8848