Lightweight Spray-In-Place Composite Core – FIBER SHIELD

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FIBER SHIELDTM lightweight spray-in-place composite core (FSCC-LW) is a patented fiber-filled polyester blend, spray-in-place composite core that is designed for use in production lamination facilities that demand fast, high-quality output. FSCC-LW is versatile and can be sprayed with a barrier-coat system or a chopper gun with or without glass. When used in between a balanced, chopped laminate, it provides very fast process times and creates a high quality part every time. One person can now core large parts with ease.

FSCC-LW eliminates hinge points created by normal types of core by coring the entire part, including radii. Required laminate strength and stiffness can be throttled up by adding more balanced layers of chop and increased FSCC-LW.

FSCC-LW can typically be laminated upon in one hour. Skinning, coring and bulking the laminate can now be one smooth process on large parts, providing the shop time to build more parts in one shift. Because FSCC-LW is fiber-reinforced it makes an excellent bedding compound.

FSCC-LW is packaged with specially formulated resin in a supplied, 55-gallon drum, together with patented and preblended additives.

  • Greatly reduces production times
  • Superior heat and print blocker
  • Low VOC mixture/MACT compliant
  • Improves impact resistance
  • Forgiving and easy to use


  • Polyester/Blend Resin Base
  • 20% Styrene
  • 6 lbs. per gallon
  • 5-7 minutes for cup gel (100 gm. mass @ 77° F.)
  • 45-60 minutes for cure to lamination (mold & ambient temperature dependent)
  • 1.5% MEKP required
  • 90-120 mil recommended application thickness