Understanding Maretron’s WSO200 Ultrasonic Wind & Weather Station

Wind measurement is calculated using six ultrasonic sensors in delta configuration, which means there are no moving parts to wear out or to get caught in the rigging. Unlike mechanical anemometers and weather measuring devices, the WSO200 is not affected by the common issues such as bearing wear, salt and dirt build-up, or bird perching that can all result in failure or data inaccuracy. When combined with a Maretron DSM Series or dedicated TSM Series display or any device running N2KView® V3 software (including non-Maretron MFDs that are NMEA certified), all data is visible on the NMEA 2000 network for a truly plug and play experience. Having this information available on the network even allows multi-day graphs of recorded data points to identify weather trends—perfect for the long-range cruiser. Add a Maretron depth/speed/temperature Triducer (DST110), a Maretron GPS receiver (GPS200), and a Maretron compass (SSC300) to view true vessel referenced wind speed and direction as well as ground referenced speed and direction.

WSO200 Features

  • Ultrasonic—no moving parts!
  • Measures apparent wind speed, apparent wind direction, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.
  • Accurately measures wind speed and direction up to 30° of tilt
  • Connects directly to NMEA 2000 network – no adapter modules required.
  • Compatible with Maretron displays and many 3rd party screens.
  • $599 introductory price

The WSO200 won Best New Product at the 2022 NMEA Conference and received an honorable mention in the 2023 MIBS Innovation Awards.