New Folding Cleat by Sea-Dog Line


  • Hidden Slide-in Hex Bolt system and Thru-bolt versions available.
  • The patent pending Hidden Slide-in Hex Bolt system simplifies installation while performing like a weld-in.
  • Both versions accommodate different lengths of hardware to adapt to any application.
  • Drain opening allows water and debris to pass through, reducing corrosion and wear to cleat.
  • Incorporates a positive snap locking feature with audible click into the open/closed positions for easy rigging.
  • Low profile, ergonomic design for a smooth, sleek appearance when closed, limiting trip hazards.
  • Accommodates up to 1⁄2″ line for 4-1⁄2” cleat and 5⁄8” line for 6” cleat.
  • Highly polished, corrosion resistant stainless steel construction.
  • Hex bolt cleats include hardware in display packaged versions.
  • Patent pending Hidden Slide-in Hex Bolt system and Posi-lock feature.


  • New Folding Cleat