ProBoat’s Panel Discussions at METSTRADE: Teak and Teak Alternatives, 3D Printing for Boatbuilders

Join us later this month for a pair of technical discussions at the METSTRADE Theatre in Amsterdam. In keeping with ProBoat’s obsessive focus on boatbuilding materials and tools, editor Aaron Porter will lead two panels of industry experts looking at current practices and applications of some quickly evolving build technologies.

3D Printing for Boatbuilders

On the opening day of the 2023 METSTRADE show (November 15) between 1:30 and 2:00 p.m., a panel including additive manufacturing specialists, 3D printer manufacturers, and boat component manufacturers will explore how recent advances and refinements in 3D printing have expanded the technology’s potential for boatbuilders beyond its early common application for design prototyping. They’ll look at the practical applications of the technology now capable of building finished complex custom boat parts and printing full molds of hulls and components for conventional composites processing. And they’ll explain the range of materials and mechanical properties possible in 3D printed structures, production time and processing protocols, and comparisons with other building processes for a range of parts and components. Bring your questions about 3D printing to ask our panel. This is an opportunity to learn whether additive manufacturing could be a solution in your production shop.

Teak and Teak Alternatives

The next day (November 16) at the same time and place, a second panel will dive into the turbulent topic of teak and teak alternatives in our industry. With a naval architect, a teak decking expert, and a producer of an alternative hardwood materials we’ll discuss why Old-growth teak, once a staple material for boat decks, rails, and trim, is at a tipping point. From the 2021 coup in Myanmar (the main teak exporter), which prompted international sanctions on Burmese teak, to shifts in market demands based on growing environmental self-awareness, the shift away from old-growth teak is unavoidable. But how will we build yachts without it? The panel discussion will delve into the many alternatives including plantation-grown teak, synthetic options, cork decking, pressure- and heat-treated wood, and composite surfaces, and it’ll provide practical guidance for anyone confronting the need to shift away from traditional teak in the boats they build.

While you’re there, join us in the Professional BoatBuilder magazine stand HF.01 to talk with editorial and advertising staff about your recent boatbuilding challenges and successes.

Can’t be in Amsterdam? Get a taste of last year’s program with these recorded panel discussions focused on modern wood and natural fiber applications for boatbuilders, as well as an introduction to lifecycle analysis for boatbuilders who need to quantify the carbon footprint of their products.

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