Airmar Introduces New Digital Diesel Flow Meters

CAN-based Sensors Deliver Accurate Performance and Plug and Play Integration

AIRMAR® Technology Corporation, a world leader in ultrasonic transducers and Chirp technology, is excited to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the digital SmartFlex™ Diesel Flow Meters (DFMs). These state-of-the-art sensors are specifically designed to work seamlessly with Airmar SmartBoat® Modules (ASMs), providing accurate fuel information through precise analysis of flow, temperature, and other parameters.

With the onboard CAN-based processor, AIRMAR’s SmartFlex Diesel Flow Meters deliver unmatched accuracy in monitoring and managing diesel fuel burn and consumption on vessels. The collected data is effortlessly accessible on the NMEA 2000® network, allowing integration with various devices, including NMEA 2000 multifunction displays (MFDs).


“Our goal with the SmartFlex Diesel Flow Meters was to provide the simplest and most accurate solution for vessel owners to monitor and manage their diesel fuel usage,” said Jennifer Matsis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at AIRMAR. “Not only does this product deliver on its performance promises, but it also offers true plug and play integration at a competitive price point,” she added.

The SmartFlex Diesel Flow Meters are available in single or dual chamber models, catering to different flow rate requirements ranging from 1 to 4000 liters/hour. The dual-chamber (differential) model is a unique offering that combines two measuring chambers for supply and return fuel lines in a single housing. This innovative design reduces installation time and footprint, eliminating the need for separate senders for feed and return lines.

Installation of these CAN-based sensors is effortless, requiring no hard wiring or special settings. The SmartFlex Diesel Flow Meters can be easily connected to the ASM using an M12 connector. Configuration of the DFMs is simplified with the embedded browser-based software, SmartFlex View, available in every ASM. To cater to various vessel requirements, both alloy and brass housing options are available for the SmartFlex Diesel Flow Meters. Threaded or flanged connections are offered, along with the choice of having an LCD window or not. Additionally, all models come equipped with an onboard battery, ensuring continuous measurement of fuel even during power interruptions or unavailability.

AIRMAR SmartFlex Diesel Flow Meters can be purchased by contacting Gemeco Marine Electronics Specialists at or by calling 803-693-0777.