Sea Hawk Paints’ Colorkote is ‘reinventing the art of antifouling’

Reinventing the art of antifouling.

Customer demand is the driving force behind innovation in the boating industry. As well as having access to the newest technology, modern yacht owners are always looking for unique methods to set their ship apart from the competition.

A variety of cutting-edge bottom paint solutions are available from Sea Hawk, an AkzoNobel brand produced in the USA, giving owners an opportunity to customize their products. Colorkote™ is a high-tech anti-fouling bottom coating by Sea Hawk that incorporates self-polishing, triple-biocide, low-leaching chemistry and multi-season performance. “Colorkote is reinventing the art of antifouling,” said Michael O’Keene, marketing specialist for Sea Hawk Paints, AkzoNobel. It comes in six base colors (bright white, deep black, blue, red, green and yellow) that can be blended in various ratios to produce thousands of bright bottom paint options. Colorkote gives yacht owners the ability to create customized hull coatings, and is working to exceed customer expectations while increasing typical bottom-job revenues and profits. Sea Hawk paints can be custom blended to color-coordinate with Awlgrip® topside finish choices. O’Keene said: “With Colorkote, savvy industry pros are discovering new profit opportunities while providing greater customer satisfaction in the process.” Alongside Sea Hawk products, excellent customer service is available from a team that has been in the industry for decades. Sea Hawk’s hand-crafted small batch system allows for an incredibly fast turnaround on orders during a time where supply is usually a concern. Colorkote is also used for a range of projects and hull types, including fiberglass, aluminum and steel hulls. It offers a wide range of custom color options alongside high-performance antifouling strength and is sure to please yacht owners for multiple seasons per application.

“Sea Hawk’s real-life testing environment has proven Colorkote to be the over-achiever in today’s antifouling arena,” said O’Keene. “Lloyd’s Register-certified and complying with California Air Quality requirements puts this triple-biocide antifoulant in a class of its own.” Applicators and boatyards are known to count on Sea Hawk products for its handcrafted quality and its advanced chemistry. Colorkote is environmentally focused, leaching less biocide material with lower toxicity into the water and emitting less VOC into the air, yet proving highly efficacious in deterring both hard and soft marine growth. Suitable for fresh, brackish and saltwater, Colorkote exemplifies that less is more. For more information about Sea Hawk Paints, please visit