Author: Melissa Wood

Wet Preg video

Why Not Wet-Preg?

In his article about Boston BoatWorks (“The Builder Under the Bridge,” Professional BoatBuilder No. 157), Paul Lazarus writes that he is surprised that more production boatbuilders haven’t also adopted pre-impregnated… Read more »

infusion training

IBEX Preview: Training Days

During this year’s IBEX seminar series, speakers will share how they developed shop-floor training and apprenticeship programs to fill the skills gap. In major cities around the country, training centers… Read more »

G4 profile

Radical Assembly

In designing the G4, Gunboat wanted a high-performance foiling catamaran that was also a luxury cruiser. That initial apparent contradiction led to others: While the G4, weighing 2.7 tons, is… Read more »