Super Power

Minnesota-based Emerson Industrial Automation partnered with Italian builder Wider to develop a diesel-electric propulsion system for a 150′ (46m) motoryacht using its Powerdrive MD2 modular drives coupled with azimuth pods…. Read more »

A Builder’s Life

Barrie Farrell is a lifelong builder of boats—all manner of boats—in British Columbia, Canada, with a thousand stories to tell, which he mightily recalls in a recently published autobiography, Boats… Read more »

X43 motoryacht under construction

Made in Manchuria

After four-and-a-half years of work on tooling, molds, and construction for a 43‘ (13.1m) motoryacht, a northern Chinese firm, dba XSYacht, has launched its first hull, targeting Chinese, Southeast Asian,… Read more »

K8 sport sloop

Soft-Wing Sport Boat

The men from Down Under—brothers Greg and Patrick Johnston—who described their revolutionary “soft” sail system in Professional BoatBuilder No. 140 (“Working-Class Wing”), and in more detail on our website… Read more »