electric boat

22′ Electric Boat

Sailors will remember Ian Bruce as the “Father of the Laser.” The 13.8‘  (4.2m) cartopper ranks as one of the world’s most popular boats. Born in Jamaica and educated in… Read more »

Sonny Levi

Sonny Levi: 1926-2016

In 1992, designer-engineer Renato “Sonny” Levi (pronounced levee) published Milestones in My Designs, a large-format hardcover book highlighting then-40 years’ worth of his marine “projects,” which he summarized this way:… Read more »

slide hull

Slip Slidin’ Away

Perhaps the largest private naval architecture firm in the world, Vripack, announced its first patent of a hullform—the Slide Hull. This after 55 years in business and more than 7,300… Read more »