Micron PowerPak

Capacitor Power

from “Rovings,” Professional BoatBuilder No. 153 Compiled by Dan Spurr Imagine replacing a vessel’s starting battery with one that virtually never wears out and has virtually no self-discharge, one that produces no… Read more »

Queen Mary's many rivets

On a Grand Scale

from “Rovings,” Professional BoatBuilder No. 153 Compiled by Dan Spurr During a recent visit to Southern California, I stayed at a Long Beach hotel with a view of the Queen Mary, launched… Read more »

The Schiller X1 pedal-powered watercraft

Pedal Boat Improved

from “Rovings,” Professional BoatBuilder No. 153 Compiled by Dan Spurr Pedal-powered boats have been around for years. The small boats at resorts and amusement parks are lucky to achieve even the speed… Read more »

Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing

Stick-on Exotics

from “Rovings,” Professional BoatBuilder No. 153 Compiled by Dan Spurr In the age of one-stop-shop multi-product and service businesses, it’s sometimes nice to deal with a company that does just one thing,… Read more »

Building an 88-foot carbon prepreg hull in Anacortes, Washington.

Have Crew—Will Travel

from “Rovings,” Professional BoatBuilder No. 153 Compiled by Dan Spurr The practice is probably as old as the goatskin currach, but assembling a portable boatbuilding crew that travels to a… Read more »

152quickdock 1 280

Quick Docking System

The Quick Docking System (QDS), developed by the marine equipment manufacturer Quick S.p.A., is a unique integrated maneuvering system for precisely docking sailing yachts. While most joystick controls are tailored… Read more »


Mayday Call From Westlawn

All good things don’t have to end. The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC), which has hosted the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology since 2003, recently announced that the long-distance… Read more »