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Q&A with Dudley Dix

Editor’s Note: Last year, yacht designer Dudley Dix wrote one of Professional BoatBuilder’s most unforgettable stories. In “Capsize!” (No. 149), he recounted when a freakishly large wave rolled over his… Read more »

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Racing Yacht Rules: A Primer

It is the narrowest of niches, designing sail racing yachts according to the various handicap systems promulgated by governing organizations such as the Offshore Racing Council (ORC). You probably can… Read more »

Afterlife Achieved

Yacht designer K. Aage Nielsen died 30 years ago this June at age 80. Born and raised in Denmark, and classically trained in that country’s apprenticeship system, Nielsen immigrated to… Read more »


Missing Links

Maryland-based consulting naval architect William Hockberger said he was “searching for something else” last August when he stumbled on “a paper read before the Institute of Naval Architects, in London,… Read more »

The Unsinkable

“The Unsinkable” and Additional Thoughts on Watertight Subdivision in Small Yachts In response to Eric Sorensen’s Parting Shot “The Unsinkable” in Professional BoatBuilder No. 140, Professional Engineer Christopher D. Barry… Read more »