Recycling Dead Boats

Editor’s Note: This article was first published in Professional BoatBuilder August/Sept 1999, issue No. 60. Read a new introduction by Eric Sponberg here. For more about recycling boats, also see “Boat… Read more »

Engineered ebony veneer

Engineered Ebony Veneer

Oakwood Veneer Company, a Michigan-based supplier of veneers and related products, recently announced a new Italian Macassar ebony design. Oakwood Veneer’s David Rodgers notes that so-called engineered veneers—made by slicing… Read more »

Wet Preg video

Why Not Wet-Preg?

In his article about Boston BoatWorks (“The Builder Under the Bridge,” Professional BoatBuilder No. 157), Paul Lazarus writes that he is surprised that more production boatbuilders haven’t also adopted pre-impregnated… Read more »