MIG Marine is Hiring!

Cortes Campers-Mig Marine

MIG Marine is Hiring!

Composites Manager, Fiberglass Laminators, Chopper Gun Specialists:

Experience in plug, mold making, tool­ing, hand layup with fiberglass composite mate­rials, fiberglass lamination and chopper gun plus spraying marine gelcoats.

Finishing Manager & Technicians:

Installation experience in elec­trical, plumbing, windows, appliances, etc. for RVs and boats.

Managers will source and purchase materials, schedule production, and manage resources.

Salaries commensurate with experience. Performance bonuses. Medical, dental, 401k, paid holidays and vacations.

Ability to relocate is required! Relocation assistance available!

Email your resume to info@nullcortescampers.com.

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