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OPENING FOR SERVICE MANAGER. We have been selling and servicing premier boat and yacht lines for over 30 years, offering Albemarle, Legacy, Limestone, Mag Bay, Regulator, Tiara and Viking. We are looking for the right candidate to manage our robust service business. Primary responsibilities include overseeing the scheduling and delivery of customer repairs and ensuring the timely delivery of new boats. The service manager’s support team includes two service advisers, mechanics supervisor, yard foreman, detail department manager and carpenters. Candidate should have extensive service management experience in the marine industry, knowledge of boats/boat systems and strong leadership skills. Must have the ability to communicate with customers, address concerns and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. This is an opportunity to work with a deeply tenured staff in a positive work environment. This position offers an excellent compensation package. If interested please email johnd@nulloysterharborsmarine.com.

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