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February/March 2020 — Table of Contents


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On the cover: Michael Cassata strips the reusable silicone masking jackets after spraying gelcoat in the foil molds for the production-built UFO foiling dinghy at Fulcrum Speedworks. The shop’s imaginative embrace of silicone has eliminated 90% of the consumables required to build the boats with conventional resin-infusion materials. Story on page 42.
Photograph by Aaron Porter.


Nigel Calder

New batteries for DC systems. Page 18.

18  Pluses and Perils of the New DC Boat
by Nigel Calder
Increasingly sophisticated power generation, storage, and management options make onboard electrical systems more efficient and versatile than ever.

Courtesy Antoine Beaulieu

Antoine Beaulieu’s Butterfly 46. Page 36.

36  Float Like a Butterfly: A Yacht for 2050
by Aaron Porter
The winning entry from IBEX’s 2019 Design Challenge looks to a future of scant leisure time, responsible resource consumption, and greater systems connectivity.

Aaron Porter

Infusion under silicone. Page 42.

42  A Cleaner, Faster Infusion Shop
by Aaron Porter
By switching to infusion under reusable silicone bags, dinghy builder Fulcrum Speedworks reduces consumables by as much as 90%.

Coastal Creative/Jay Wallace

A custom fishing cat. Page 58.

58  A Cat for All Seasons
by Dieter Loibner
Scott Jutson’s diverse design portfolio covers a range of boats for different purposes. Some of that experience informed a 40′ (12.2m) aluminum fishing cat for a Canadian client.


4  Letters, Etc.
Readers comment on unbonding, shore-power transformers, and eliminating the boat/shore connection; and the experience of racing with Fabio Buzzi.

8  Rovings
compiled by Dan Spurr
Gunboat reboot; Schaefer Yachts’ wheel-less helm station; eight bells Olaf Harken; 3D-printed tooling at Marine Concepts; and Ed Louchard’s custom hardware.

72  Parting Shot
by Mike Telleria
In the wake of the fatal fire on the dive boat Conception in 2019, an engineer and technical writer at Nordhavn Yachts ponders the meaning and adequacy of simply complying with existing standards.


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