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October/November 2018 — Table of Contents

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On the cover: A Raise 3D printer, listed for $4,000, lays down PETG filament for a dagger­board bearing on a foiling catamaran. Although 3D printing has been used for selective tooling and prototyping jobs, advances in printer technology and feedstock development keep reducing costs while expanding the applications. They now include printing the construction mold of a 34′ (10.4m) power catamaran or the core grid of a Mini 650. Story on page 46.
Photograph by Dieter Loibner.


Nigel Calder

Fuse principles. Page 30.

30  The ABCs of OCP
by Nigel Calder
Keeping wiring safe from overcurrent as complex onboard systems proliferate.

Courtesy ORNL

Printing finished molds. Page 46.

46  Just Print It!
by Dieter Loibner
A technology incubator tapped a national laboratory and a firm specializing in high-end composites technology to print the construction mold for a 34′ yacht.

Courtesy Seakeeper

Accommodating gyros. Page 66.

66  A Designer’s Look at Gyros
by Chris Becker
The popularity of gyroscopic stabilizers on a broad range of boats, old and new, means builders and service yards must know how best to engineer their installations.

Reuel B. Parker

Painting in the open yard. Page 78.

78  Yacht Painting in an Imperfect World
by Reuel B. Parker
Practical methods and materials to attain quality finishes in open boatyard conditions.

Russell Brown

Crafting carbon hardware. Page 92.

92  Carbon from the Coop
by Russell Brown
A veteran boatbuilder’s method for making high-quality composite hardware in a simple shop.

Steve D’Antonio

Hydraulic steering. Page 104.

104  Steering, Part 2
by Steve D’Antonio
Speccing, installing, and maintaining versatile and reliable hydraulic steering systems.

Global Boatworks Holdings

Building floating homes. Page 115.

115  Neither House nor Boat but Bits of Both
by Marilyn DeMartini
In search of new markets, Global Boatworks Holdings marries quality home and boat building in a South Florida superyacht yard.


6  Letters, Etc.
Readers comment on ground-fault-detection techniques; the safety of UL 2201–compliant portable generators on board; and the Canadian Navy’s hydrofoil HMCS Bras d’Or.

16  Rovings
compiled by Dan Spurr
The virtues of King StarBoard; who’s building boosting transformers? new life for Oyster Marine; Fabio Buzzi’s latest record-breaking boat; induction charging devices on board; and eight bells John Letcher.

128  Parting Shot
by Bruce Pfund
A composites expert and consultant asks: when does extreme styling become a liability to a boat’s long-term desirability?


122  New Products and Processes

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125  Classified Advertising

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