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June/July 2020 — Table of Contents


Professional BoatBuilder magazine cover

On the cover: At Teak Isle in Ocoee, Florida, most CNC-cut parts are not ready for installation when they come off the router. That’s when the handwork of finish and assembly begins. Upward of 270 technicians create thousands of made-to-order components every week at this supplier for 200 boatbuilders. Story on page 18.
Photograph by Aaron Porter.


Aaron Porter

Assembly at Teak Isle. Page 18.

18  Every Builder’s Job Shop
by Aaron Porter
Teak Isle builds thousands of parts, mostly in acrylic and polyethylene, for hundreds of boatbuilders, yet most boat owners never know its name.

Dieter Loibner

Pure Watercraft’s electric motor. Page 28.

28  Electric Start-up
by Dieter Loibner
As traditional boatbuilders flee Seattle, Pure Watercraft emerges with a sleek 25-kW electric outboard propulsion system for the recreational market.

Bruce Pfund

Small-craft improvements. Page 40.

40  Lessons from Small-Craft Refits
by Bruce Pfund
Rebuilds and major repairs are opportunities to improve flawed or aging boats and to learn from correcting builder and service-yard errors.

Warren Miller

Bruce Kirby’s Nightwind 35. Page 54.

54  A Study in Shoal Draft: Nightwind 35, Part 1
by Warren Miller
Revisiting the case for high-performance centerboard racer/cruisers.


4  Letters, Etc.
Readers comment on alternator output voltage drops; why gross tonnage is not displacement; the practicality of an electric outboard; and the need for fuel-efficient designs.

8  Rovings
compiled by Dieter Loibner
A vintage wooden 505 in California; Tom Wylie’s new Wylie Cat 40; an electric HDPE patrol boat for Amsterdam; and eight bells Edward Fry.

68  Parting Shot
by Steve Zimmerman
A boatyard owner plotting the future for his company makes the case for employee ownership through a formal employee stock ownership plan.


63  Connections

65  Classified Advertising

67  Index to Advertisers