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June/July 2024, Issue No. 209 — Table of Contents


Magazine cover

On the cover: Boatbuilder Peter Reece inspects the fit of a temporary deck on an 80 (24.4m) wood-composite racing sloop under construction in Portland, Oregon. Overseeing the project is Steve Rander, who in 1994 built and then successfully raced Rage, a similar 70 sled. Story on page 44.   Photograph by Dieter Loibner.




Electric motor installationNIGEL CALDER

Electric motor installation . Page 16.

16  A Study in Intricacy
by Nigel Calder
Matching vessel performance, electric motors, and props to optimize electric propulsion.


A Rustler 36 for ocean racing. Page 28.

28  As Good as It Can Be
by Nic Compton
Rustler Yachts exemplifies the enduring relevance of convention in modern yacht building forms, techniques, and business practices.

Fitting laminated deckbeams.DIETER LOIBNER

Fitting laminated deckbeams. Page 44.

44  Sled Revival
by Dieter Loibner
Long, skinny boats dominated West Coast offshore racing decades ago. A new build in wood composite is out to prove the concept is still valid.


Outboard sound dampening. Page 58.

58  Quiet Down Back There!
by Aaron Porter
From Ray Hunt Design comes a timely answer to the growing menace of outboard motor noise.


4  Letters, Etc.
Readers comment on CNC-cutting metal frames and wood sheathing for composite boats, and best practices for Wago electrical connectors.

6  Rovings
compiled by Dieter Loibner
Shannon Boat Company’s powered foiler; applying stitch-and-glue technique to replicate traditional dugout canoes; Lone Eagle II restored; funding to train welders; and learning canvas skills at Skagit Valley College.

54  Task Sheet: Optimizing Diesel Fuel System Maintenance
by Matt Mardesich
A guide to diesel system reliability.

72  Parting Shot
by Jonathan Klopman
A marine surveyor insists that the future of boatbuilding is not throwaway boats.


67 New Products and Processes

68  Connections

69  Classified Advertising

71  Index to Advertisers