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August/September 2020 — Table of Contents


On the cover: At Allied Titanium, in Sequim, Washington, the edge of a chainplate is broken on a belt sander. Cutting or grinding titanium alloys produces white sparks. Story on page 18.
Photograph by Dieter Loibner.



Titanium for the trade. Page 18.

18  Team Titanium
by Dieter Loibner
A small company in Washington State promises affordable titanium, an ambition that holds great potential for boatbuilders but has eluded the industry for decades.


Pearl Wing 38. Page 30.

30  The Pearl Wing 38 Motorsailer
by Walt Ansel
A traditional yacht type is reimagined with some workboat influences to meet the schedule-driven cruising needs of a modern family.


Hose clamps done right. Page 34.

34  Putting the Squeeze On
by Steve D’Antonio
Hose clamps are essential to the integrity of hulls and onboard systems, but their reliability depends on informed selection and best installation practices.


Exhaust treatment accommodated. Page 54.

54  Fitting It In
by Chris Swanhart
Design challenges and opportunities of making room for exhaust treatment to meet emission standards, particularly on large sportfishing yachts.


Bruce Kirby’s Nightwind 35. Page 60.

60  A Study in Shoal Draft: Nightwind 35, Part 2
by Warren Miller
Notes on the design and build of a custom centerboard, rudderboard, and lifting tackle.


4  Letters, Etc.
Readers comment on off-center centerboards; credit to Alexseal for finish on Scout; judgment and a plea for workplace safety.

6  Rovings
compiled by Dieter Loibner
A residential blackwater lift station on board; an electric RIB from the U.K.; Doug Rosborough succumbs to COVID-19; ACI’s foil-assisted catamaran for Alaskan guides; alternative foams to meet standards; the first Pearson Vanguard; and the 2020 USCG Regulations for Recreational Boats.

76  Parting Shot
by Aaron Porter
Farewell to Daniel Savitsky, the man behind the “method” and beloved teacher and mentor to generations of naval architects and engineers at the Stevens Institute of Technology.


70  New Products and Processes

71  Connections

73  Classified Advertising

75  Index to Advertisers