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June/July 2018 — Table of Contents

Professional BoatBuilder magazine cover

On the cover: Working from a hydraulic manlift at Newport (Rhode Island) Shipyard, Vinnie Pard marks an edge of a cutout he’s made in the starboard topsides of a 60′ (18.3m) Gunboat production catamaran. That opening will accommodate the upper trunk, or case, for a custom-designed and -built curved-carbon daggerboard. Pard will then repeat the process on the port hull, during an extensive refit conducted by Alfresco Composites of nearby Portsmouth. Story on page 18.
Photograph by Billy Black.


Vinnie PardBilly Black

Vinnie Pard. Page 18.

18  Hands-on
by Paul Lazarus
Vinnie Pard stands out as a master boat builder and repairer in two disciplines: woodworking, and composites—very advanced composites.

Courtesy Quadrofoil

Modern hydrofoils. Page 34.

34  Foiling, Part 2: From Niche to Market
by Dieter Loibner
Numerous powerboat designers, builders, and entrepreneurs are striving to deliver the first successful mass-market hydrofoiler. No winner yet.

Dieter Loibner

Performance racer/raider. Page 46.

46  Skate 15
by Brandon Davis
A racer/raider/cruiser designed for kit construction offers high performance for a cash-strapped middle class.

Charles Palamé

Morphing hulls study. Page 54.

54  Shape Shifters
by Charles Palamé
The promising and pragmatic case for morphing hulls that can change shape while under way.


4  Letters, Etc.
Readers comment on prototyping for production and custom builds at Lyman-Morse, and the function of fractional rigs.

6  Rovings
compiled by Dan Spurr
Building Scully’s aluminum boats in Louisiana; Healey cars and boats; making composite choices at Viking; Vanquish Yachts; and eight bells Ray McLeod Jr.

76  Parting Shot
by Paul Lazarus
Revisiting NASA’s trove of wood compression fatigue data on the advice of Meade Gougeon.


70  New Products and Processes

71  Connections

73  Classified Advertising

75  Index to Advertisers