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October/November 2020 — Table of Contents


Professional BoatBuilder magazine cover

On the cover: Joni Blanchard, an independent yacht finisher in Port Townsend, Washington, tapes the boot stripe of Nevermore, a cedar-planked Howard Chapelle–designed schooner, before applying a coat of varnish. She has been looking after this boat for more than two decades. Story on page 34.
Photograph by Dieter Loibner.


Blythe Heepe

Best Practices Tear-Out. Pages 16/17.

Task Sheet: Seacock Installation
by Steve D’Antonio
A guide to best practices in installing or replacing seacocks.

Dieter Loibner

Power for electric propulsion. Page 26.

26  Powerplay
by Joe Grez
The first step when making and assessing electric propulsion calculations is understanding horsepower equivalency.

Dieter Loibner

Varnish tricks and tips. Page 34.

34  Two Tailgaters
by Dieter Loibner
Independent yacht finishers Joni Blanchard and Diane Salguero share their thoughts, tricks, and techniques, and why they still love their work after all these years.

Nigel Calder

Troubleshooting with a multimeter. Page 54.

54  Multimeter Essentials
by Nigel Calder
Troubleshooting simple onboard electrical circuits is an essential skill for service yard technicians, professional crew, and hands-on boat owners.

Aaron Porter

Lean launch from Irens. Page 68.

68  Slippery When Wet
by Aaron Porter
A new LDL day boat from Nigel Irens reveals the designer’s latest thinking about efficient hulls and his pursuit of production builds in CNC-cut wood.

Henri Thibault

Tullio Abbate. Page 78.

78   Abbate
by Gerald Guetat
A brief history of an iconic Italian powerboat builder.

Chris Quigley

Deciphering CAN electrical signals. Page 86.

86  Secrets of the Signals
by Richard McLaughlin and Chris Quigley
Using electrical signals to help understand and troubleshoot onboard CAN architecture.

Reuel Parker

Torpedo keel. Page 96.

96  Corrective Measures
by Reuel B. Parker
A designer retrofits a torpedo keel to remedy stability and performance problems in his newly built motorsailer.


6  Letters, Etc.
Readers comment on shielding compasses with Muntz metal; combustibility of titanium swarf; preventing stainless thread galling with a bronze nut; the true efficiency of Jutson’s foil-assisted catamaran; and memories of sailing San Francisco Bay with Tom Wylie, Dave Wahle, and Warwick Tompkins.

11  Rovings
compiled by Dieter Loibner
The 3D-printed SmartWheel from Superfici; boatbuilding schools confront COVID-19; eight bells “Dugie” Freeman and Brion Toss; and a patented clamp for fabricating stainless-steel tube hardware.

76  Parting Shot
by Tony Fleming
Lessons about the vulnerabilities lurking in the best-engineered hardware, and the value of empathy from the founder of Fleming Yachts.


107  New Products and Innovations

111  Connections

113  Classified Advertising

115  Index to Advertisers