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June/July 2019 — Table of Contents


Magazine cover

On the cover: At the helm, Bruno Tideman puts his 8.7m (28.5′) jet-drive workboat through its paces at the 9th High Speed Boat Operations (HSBO) Forum in Gothenburg, Sweden. Tideman has optimized the design and build of his boats for efficient production in high-density polyethylene. Story on page 46.
Photograph by Dieter Loibner.


Dieter Loibner

Modifying outboards at Raider. Page 16.

16  Military Grade
by Dieter Loibner
A small family firm in Florida builds submersible multifuel outboard engines for tough missions.

Nigel Calder

Repairing a rudder again. Page 34.

34  Emergency Rudder Repairs, Part 2
by Nigel Calder
After the initial structural repairs to a damaged hull and rudder failed, a second yard puts it right with a more extensive fix.

Dieter Loibner

HDPE workboat test drive. Page 46.

46  Black Plastic Boats
by Aaron Porter
Tideman Boats had to define material-appropriate scantlings and build protocols before starting production of its line of high-density-polyethylene workboats.

Steve D’Antonio

Shaft coupling installation. Page 56.

56  Shaft Couplings
by Steve D’Antonio
The marriage of engine to propeller shaft is the most essential link in the drivetrain. Get it wrong at your peril.


4  Letters, Etc.
Readers comment on Westlawn’s past and future; calculating rudder buoyancy; protecting CAN bus systems; and blame and praise for Hickman’s Sea Sled.

6  Rovings
compiled by Dan Spurr
A new Wheeler and Lake Geneva Day Yacht from Bill Prince; who’s making diesel outboards; BoatLIFE at 60; and Bullfrog Boats.

72  Parting Shot
by Michael Morabito
A naval architect’s love letter to his family’s 60-year-old runabout that still serves his children and students effectively and efficiently.


66  New Products and Processes

67  Connections

69  Classified Advertising

71  Index to Advertisers