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August/September 2023, Issue No. 204 — Table of Contents

On the cover:  Builder Steve Goodwin extensively refit and reconfigured Panope, a 34 (10.36m) 1975-vintage Thomas Colvin–designed aluminum schooner, into an able pilothouse sloop for cruising in the Pacific Northwest. The vessel is shown propped on its beaching leg in Glen Cove, near Port Townsend, Washington, and before Goodwin installed a fold-up bowsprit. Story on page 38.
Photograph by Steve Goodwin.



Flettner rotor mold. Page 18.

18  Quick Custom Molds
by John Marples
Making one-off molded composite parts in the shop.


A stanchion from rod rigging. Page 34.

34  Strong, Slender Stanchions
by Jay Paris
Standard Nitronic rod rigging can make superior low-windage lifeline stanchions.


Colvin design reimagined. Page 38.

38  Perpetual Refit Machine
by Dieter Loibner
A multitalented boatbuilder converts the gaff-rigged family schooner, bought and finished by his father in the 1970s, into a pilothouse sloop.


Dangerous devices. Page 60.

60  Beware the CAN With No Name
by Chris Quigley
A device name data field maliciously set to zeros can leave NMEA 2000 networks vulnerable to cyberattacks.


4  Letters, Etc.
Readers comment on frequency of fire extinguisher inspections and replacement; and the absence of lightning protection on outriggers and other sportfishing gear.

8  Rovings
compiled by Dieter Loibner
Pure Watercraft’s foil-assisted electric pontoon boat; repairing bent propellers with TrueProp software; and Lawrence of Arabia’s quest for speed on the water.

52  Task Sheet: Choosing and Sizing Conductors
by Nigel Calder
A guide to selecting wire for onboard electrical systems.

72  Parting Shot
by Mike Waters
A naval architect prescribes trimarans to prolong the voyaging life of aging sailors.


66  New Products and Processes

67  Connections

68  Classified Advertising

71  Index to Advertisers