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Volume 2021-03
Professional BoatBuilder’s advertising department uses this page to publish excerpts from press releases showcasing the newest products and processes in the marine industry.

Increase Small Boat Coverage and Performance
Airmar thru-hull transducer.

New for Spring 2021, AIRMAR’s B75HW Chirp-ready Tilted Element™ thru-hull transducer delivers excellent shallow-water performance, bottom detail, and clear fish-target returns with the widest coverage in our line. The low-profile B75HW merges the benefits of high frequency (150 to 250 kHz) for amazing target separation on baitfish and schooling gamefish, with a wide 30° beamwidth for maximum coverage under the boat. Delivering up to 100 kHz of total bandwidth in just one installation, the 600 W B75HW provides amazing coverage in depths to 152 m (500′).

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Xantrex Freedom XC Pro Marine with NMEA 2K
Xantrex Freedom XC Pro.

Weighing at just 18.5 lbs, the 3000W model features 150A lithium ion battery charger, 50A transfer relay and 6000W power boost for 5 seconds! Configure and monitor system performance via bluetooth app (FXC Control) available on Andorid & iOS. The 2000W model has a 100A charger. The quick connect lever style connectors at AC in and out allow fast and easy wiring offering significant savings in installation time and cost. Integrated NMEA 2K connector enables the FREEDOM XC PRO MARINE to integrate with third party multi function panels.

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Eurovac Downdraft Table System

Eurovac downdraft table system.The Eurovac downdraft table is designed to remove air impurities from processes such as welding, grinding, and sanding and can also be used for the filtration of powder, dust or other contaminants produced during various operations. These pro¬cesses create harmful pollutants which rise into the worker’s breathing zone. Eurovac offers a wide variety of hands-free methods known as downdraft suction tables for a cleaner work environment. Eurovac will design the right unit for any special application and ensure re¬sults meet strict OSHA standards.

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Pettit AnchorTech adhesives and sealants.Marine-Grade Adhesives and Sealants

Forever applicators have been forced into traditional messy offerings that are difficult to dispense, impossible to tool and even harder to clean up. Pettit AnchorTech sealants and adhesives combine years of formulation evolution with user-friendly application to manufacture a line of products built for the rigors of the marine industry. These products withstand all weather, provide low-temperature application, prevent cracking and shrinking, are low-odor, flexible and paintable.

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Contact: Pettit Paint; 800-221-4466;

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