New Products and Processes from ProBoat Advertisers

Volume 2019-07
Professional BoatBuilder’s advertising department uses this page to publish excerpts from press releases showcasing the newest products and processes in the marine industry.

Submarine Underwater Epoxy Adhesive
System Three Submarine adhesive.

Submarine from System Three Resins, Inc. (Auburn, WA) is a novel epoxy paste compound that is designed to bond to wet surfaces. It displaces water from the substrate, creating a strong bond to concrete, stone, masonry, glass, wood, aluminum, or steel. Submarine can even be applied to objects that are completely submerged in water. Curing in temperatures as low as 35°F, Submarine is ideal for keeping in the toolbox or on the boat.

System Three logo.

Contact: System Three Resins, Inc.; 800-333-5514;;

Vitals Vessel Monitoring
Vitals monitoring.

Vitals from Kobelt Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Surrey, British Columbia) provides advanced warning of potential equipment failures with an array of smart alarms that alert you to potential problems before they become catastrophic. The specific benefit of this centralized monitoring and alarm system is that it can be easily configured to suit your specific boat. Be it the temperature of a bearing or the cycle times of your bilge pumps, Vitals will monitor your vessel’s systems and alert you when any piece of monitored equipment is outside of its defined running parameters.

Kobelt logo.

Contact: Kobelt Manufacturing Co. Ltd.; 604-572-3935;;

ClearMate MobileClearMate Mobile.

The Blue Water CM2 (Clear Mate squared) mobile series is a compact, portable reverse-osmosis filtration system that turns dock water into ultra-pure spot-free water. Designed for ease of use at docks and yards around the world, the CM2 offers a simple, mobile solution for keeping yachts in bristol condition. Includes NMEA 4X waterproof and flame retardant enclosure, wheels, and handles for easy moving and mechanical flow meter to track processed water.

Blue Water Desalination logo.Contact: Blue Water Desalination; 310-684-1467;;

Imron MS1 clearcoat.Clearcoat, Imron® MS1™

Axalta Coating Systems (Glen Mills, PA) introduces a 3.5 VOC high solids polyurethane clearcoat designed for durability, easy application, and a smooth, glass-like appearance. The deep gloss and cutting-edge UV protection of this high-definition clearcoat makes it the ideal choice when the ultimate appearance is required. Imron® MS 1™ can be polished and spot repaired, and is recommended for all above the waterline applications including properly prepared wood surfaces to enhance appearance and durability.

Axalta logo.

Contact: Harry Christman; 610-358-2368;;


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