New Products and Processes from ProBoat Advertisers

Volume 2018-03
Professional BoatBuilder’s advertising department uses this page to publish excerpts from press releases showcasing the newest products and processes in the marine industry.

Fuel filtration system.Fuel Filtration System

KTI Systems Inc. (Southwick, MA) introduces a new fuel filtration system combining all the tools necessary to insure clean, uncontaminated fuel delivery. Features of the system include fuel polishing, filter switching, servicing, clogged filter and water detection warnings, a back-up fuel pump, and integrated communication. A separate warning and operation panel can be placed in the cockpit or navigation station for remote monitoring and alarm control, and there is an option to add a smart phone interface allowing the operator to monitor the filter warning system and schedule fuel polishing from a mobile device. Three basic models are available in 60 or 120 gallons per hour flow rates.

Keenan Filters logo.

Contact: Andy Keenan; 413-569-3323;

Taco Marine helm chair.TACO Marine Helm Chairs

TACO Marine (Miami, FL) introduces three models of premium seating in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. The Capri helm chair comes in three styles: the Standard chair comes with or without armrests and has a fixed bottom seat, the Capri Deluxe chair includes adjustable armrests and a 25” or 28” bolster seat, and the Capri Deluxe bench chair includes adjustable armrests and a 36” or 40” bolster seat. The Captiva helm chair features an ergonomic design for comfort on long trips and has pleated inserts, folding armrests, and a hinged bolster pad. The Coastal helm chair comes in a standard or deluxe style, and is ideal for boats up to 30’. All TACO marine helm chairs are made in the USA and come with a three-year warranty guarantee.

Taco Marine logo.Contact: TACO Marine; 800-653-8568;

Project Disruption ConceptZF Project Disruption.

ZF Marine (Friedrichshafen, Germany) and Special Driveline Technology introduced a new propulsion concept at the 2017 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. The Project Disruption concept allows shaftline boat builders to harness the benefits of contra-rotating propellers, including increased efficiency, acceleration, and reverse authority. The concept is comprised of a strut-housed underwater gearbox which transmits power to two-contra rotating propellers and offers improved reversing performance and low speed maneuvering by eliminating the propeller torque that currently affects single shaftline applications. The concept is sized for tow sports boats, but can be scaled to larger propulsion packages or hybrid systems.

Contact: Martin Meissner; 954-441-4052;;

Thermwood additive manufacturing.Additive Manufacturing a Force in Marine Tooling

A 3D printed boat hull pattern has been completed using a near net shape additive manufacturing process and then successfully used to produce a production capable fiberglass mold. This project was a collaboration between Thermwood Corporation (Dale, Indiana), Techmer PM (Clinton, Tennessee), and Marine Concepts (Sarasota, Florida). The tool was printed oversized and trimmed to final net size and shape using Thermwood’s large scale additive manufacturing system (LSAM®) and made from Techmer’s Electrafil© ABS LT1 3DP. After the 6-section tool was coated and finished, a fiberglass mold was produced using the printed pattern.

Thermwood logo.Contact: Jason Susnjara; 812-937-4476;;


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