New Products and Processes from ProBoat Advertisers

Volume 2018-11
Professional BoatBuilder’s advertising department uses this page to publish excerpts from press releases showcasing the newest products and processes in the marine industry.

Through Wall Monitoring with BluetoothGobius Pro through-wall tank monitoring system.

Gobius Pro is the latest version of through wall tank monitoring systems launched by Gobius. Each sensor is independently attached to the outside of the tank, with control and calibration set-up using the app on Apple or Android phones. This allows
configuration of pumps, alarms, and indicators for waste, water, and fuel without a central control unit. Gobius products are distributed by Nixon Marine Global from their inventory in Falmouth, Maine.

Nixon Marine Global logo.

Contact: Keith Nixon; 978-394-0277;;

A New Kind of Clamp Improves QualityMeridian Stainless clamp.

Meridian Stainless, Inc. introduces a new clamp to help welders improve quality, while saving time and materials. The patented Angle-Rite® Clamp compensates for weld distortion and streamlines the cutting, fitting, and jigging of complex
structures. Originally designed for welding stainless rails, the clamping system works for a wide variety of tube and pipe projects.

Meridina Stainless logo.

Contact: Tim Uecker; 360-379-0115;;

A Solution to Jet Boat FoulingRepeller grate.

DJC Marine Technologies introduces the Repeller Grate, a rugged and reliable stainless steel intake grate designed to enhance the performance of jet-drive watercraft. The grate inhibits the accumulation of weeds and debris on the intake grate to enhance the jet’s performance. The Repeller Grate is scalable, and can be designed to any configuration to fit any jet-driven watercraft.

Repeller Grate logo.Contact: DJC Marine Technologies; 207-784-3177;;

Pure Lead custom weights.Custom Lead Weights and Castings

Pure Lead Products fabricates custom lead products for the marine industry. Available in pigs, ingot, brick plate, extrusion, and shot for ballast and keels. The lead can be powder-coated, painted, and machined. Pure Lead Products is able to fulfill orders in hundreds of pounds to hundreds of thousands of pounds by short run or production run.

Pure Lead Products logo.

Contact: Ed Langan; 866-579-7073;


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