New Products and Processes from ProBoat Advertisers

Volume 2019-11
Professional BoatBuilder’s advertising department uses this page to publish excerpts from press releases showcasing the newest products and processes in the marine industry.

Low Vibration Lubrication-Free Orbital Sanders
Universal Tool orbital sander.

Universal Tool, a division of Florida Pneumatic Mfg. Corporation (Jupiter, FL) has developed a new family of lubrication-free sanders (UT8789 series) that incorporate the latest engineering concepts, advanced materials, and patented designs. This technology reduces weight, noise, and vibration, while extending the life of the tool. Its’ smooth design and throttle lever, along with ergonomic grip provide unmatched operating comfort. The tool is offered in 5” or 6” diameter pad size, vacuum pick up on non vac with choice of 2 offsets.

Universal Tool logo.

Contact: Mark Mueller;;

DRW All-In-One Refrigerator
Vitrifrigo all-in-one refrigerator.

The All-in-One refrigerator from Vitrifrigo is a single or double drawer refrigerator which puts the consumer in control, with the touch of a button the user can configure the drawer to be a freezer or refrigerator (DRW70A – Single Drawer System), one as a freezer, both as refrigerators, or both as freezers (DRW180A – double drawer system). The refrigerator has a stainless-steel marine-grade finish, waterproof thermostat, and internal LED lighting system.

Vitrifrigo logo.

Contact: Vitrifrigo America; 954-979-7737;

Stamskin One® AllureStamskin One Allure.

Serge Ferrari (Paris, France) introduces a resilient upholstery fabric now in a grain, the Stamskin One® allure. This soft and luxurious imitation leather is built to withstand harsh marine conditions, including abrasion (665,000 double rubs), UV, mold, pinking, stains and extreme temperatures (from -58° F to +302° F). Stamskin One® allure is phthalate free, compliant with California’s Proposition 65, and meets IMO fire testing standards. This upholstery is ideal for any kind of seating, including helm seats, passenger ship seats, bench seats, cushions, and more.

Serge Ferrari logo.Contact: Serge Ferrari Americas; 954-942-3600;;

Ruffy Controls joysticks.Redundant Sensor, Fully Sealed, Multi-Axis Hall Effect Joystick

Ruffy Controls, Inc. (Carlsbad, CA) introduces a redundant sensor 2 or 3 axis Hall Effect fingertip-controlled joystick. The HE3 series joysticks were developed for systems which require an added level of safety, and all models are IP67 sealed (minimum). These joysticks evolved from a need in safety critical situations to give the end user and system architect the peace of mind necessary to get the job done. Each unit comes with mounting hardware and electrical cable with mating connector and pigtail wires.

Ruffy Controls logo.

Contact: Ruffy Controls, Inc.; 442-244-0673;;


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