New Products and Processes from ProBoat Advertisers

Volume 2018-07
Professional BoatBuilder’s advertising department uses this page to publish excerpts from press releases showcasing the newest products and processes in the marine industry.

Waterproof Wireless Charger RangeROKK wireless waterproof chargers.

Scanstrut has launched their newest innovation, the ROKK Wireless 12/24V waterproof, outdoor, wireless onboard charging range. The range is designed to allow for wireless charging wherever you need your phone without the need for phone charging cables. The chargers are easy to install, provide Qi certified charging, and the technology is sealed in an IPX6 waterproof unit. There are three install options to choose from: Hidden which charges through the surface and is hidden from view, Surface has an ultra non-slip, low-profile design, and Bezel features a quick and easy one tool installation.

Scanstrut logo.

Contact: Scanstrut USA; 860-308-1416;;

TC-F6H Clip for UpholsteryFastmount TC-F6H upholstery clip.

Fastmount introduces their strongest upholstery clip building on the Textile Range goals of mounting soft textiles to hard surfaces while improving the key areas of strength and ease of fitting and removal. Featuring an intuitive translucent slide-lock mechanism, the TC-F6H locks into the head of the TC-M6 or TC-SM6, resulting in an extremely strong hold, with a break out load of up to 23kg (50 lbs.). To unclip the cushion from position, simply pull on the slide-lock. The slide-lock device is replaceable even when the TC-F6H is sewn onto the cushion. The TC-F6H is patent-pending and available now from any of Fastmount’s distributors worldwide.

Fastmount logo.Contact: USA: Spradling USA Marine Division;;

Weld-Mask 2 Helmet AlternativeWeld-Mask 2 helmet.

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC introduces the Weld-Mask 2, an alternative to traditional welding helmets, engineered for the hazards prevalent for construction and ship welders, and others who weld in tight spaces. The Weld-Mask 2 features a low-profile design which is lighter than traditional welding helmets, a large lens to improve visibility, a flashlight accessory so both hands are free for welding, and it easily fits under a hard hat without adapters. The Miller LPR-100™ reusable respirator and classic safety glasses fit under the Weld-Mask 2 for full protection without sacrificing comfort.

Miller Electric logo.Contact: Miller Electric Mfg. LLC; 800-426-4553;;

E4 Power resin and glass flake lining material.Resin and Glass Flake Lining Material

POLYFLAKE® was developed two decades ago in Europe from highly chemical resistant resins, mixed with glass flakes. This makes the product a great hydraulic, osmosis and abrasive barrier to protect the substrate against corrosion and wear. Through a controlled polymerization process POLYFLAKE® is bonded to substrate. This makes it the first choice for lining tanks, pipes, pumps, pools, stern tubes, sea chests, hulls, all types of metals and non-ferrous materials. The product comes with a 5-year limited warranty and has a life expectancy of more than 20 years. Manufactured in the U.S. The U.S. distributor for POLYFLAKE® is E4 POWER.

E4 Power LLC logo.

Contact: Joerg Scheele; 754-715-0818;;


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