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Volume 2019-03
Professional BoatBuilder’s advertising department uses this page to publish excerpts from press releases showcasing the newest products and processes in the marine industry.

Quick Build Multi-Color Primer
Awlgrip Quick Build.

The new Awlgrip Quick Build sealer or surfacer is an advanced and versatile yacht priming system, formulated to increase productivity at every stage of application. With Quick Build, a full system can be achieved in a single day. Using an innovative system of six primary color primers, Quick Build can create a color base to closely match any topcoat and is compatible with any Awlgrip topcoat, resulting in improved hiding characteristics and more vibrant finish.

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Contact: Awlgrip North America; 888-355-3090;

Chirp-Ready Transducers with Mix & Match CablesAirmar transducers.

AIRMAR introduces chirp-ready transducers for any installation with mix and match cables for every sonar brand. Designed for easy installation during hull production, M&M cables make it simple to connect the transducer to the sonar display later. This no-hassle and cost-effective solution provides a streamlined advantage for boat builders.

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Contact: United States: Europe, Middle East & Asia:;

Eliminate Dead Battery No-Starts with KSMKSM supercapacitor.

Modern technology on your boat uses more electricity than its predecessors. That means old school lead-acid batteries degrade and go dead faster under the strain, resulting in no-starts. The KSM supercapacitor solves this problem. Simply install this maintenance free device and it delivers reliable engine starting power for up to 1,000,000 cycles. No more worry, no more dead battery no-starts — just open water and good times.
Kold-Ban International logo.Contact: Kold-Ban International Ltd.; 800-527-8278;

HR-series halo illuminated switches.HR-Series IP68 Halo Illuminated Switch

The HR-Series is a perimeter illuminated, IP68 sealed rocker switch, featuring a stylish, low profile actuator that is available in either two or three positions. These rocker switches have a variety of dependent and independent illumination options; momentary and maintained circuits; and up to two customizable laser-etched legends. The patented design supports the various illumination options and allows the switch to be rated up to 20 amps, eliminating the need for relays.

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Contact: Carling Technologies; 860-793-9281;;


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