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Volume 2020-11
Professional BoatBuilder’s advertising department uses this page to publish excerpts from press releases showcasing the newest products and processes in the marine industry.

Webasto Air and Coolant Heaters
Webasto air and coolant heaters.

Webasto’s marine specific air and coolant heaters contribute to the enhancement of comfort on board. These two technologies offer economical, powerful and reliable solutions with heating outputs ranging from 6,824 – 119,424 BTU/h (2 – 35 kW).
Webasto air & coolant heater features and benefits include silent operation, low operating costs, easy installation, and compact design.

Contact: Benjamin Perramant; 810-593-6000;;

Xantrex Freedom XC Pro with NMEA 2KXantrex Freedom XC Pro.

Weighing just 18.5 lbs, the 3000W model features 150A lithium ion battery charger, 50A transfer relay and 6000W power boost for 5 seconds! Configure and monitor system performance via bluetooth app (FXC Control) available on Android & iOS. The 2000W model has a 100A charger. The quick connect lever style connectors at AC in and out allow fast and easy wiring offering significant savings in installation time and cost. Integrated NMEA 2K connector enables the FREEDOM XC PRO to integrate with third party multi-function panels.

Xantrex logo.

Contact: Xantrex, LLC;;

New Approach to 3D Printing a Large Yacht Hull Mold

Thermwood 3D Printing Large Yacht Hull Mold.

Thermwood recently printed several sections from a 51-foot long yacht hull mold to demonstrate how only a single mold may be needed for the manufacture of larger yachts. To demonstrate to the industry, Thermwood printed a 10-foot section from a 51’ yacht hull mold in sections and then the sections were bound together using high strength polymer cables into two mold halves. The two halves were bolted together to form a complete female mold for the yacht hull. The demonstration shows that really large structures can be made on smaller, lower cost additive manufacturing systems.

Thermwood logo.Contact: Duane Marrett; 800-533-6901;;

Pettit AnchorTech adhesives and sealants.Marine-Grade Adhesives and Sealants

Forever applicators have been forced into traditional messy offerings that are difficult to dispense, impossible to tool and even harder to clean up. Pettit AnchorTech sealants and adhesives combine years of formulation evolution with user-friendly application to manufacture a line of products built for the rigors of the marine industry. These products withstand all weather, provide low-temperature application, prevent cracking and shrinking, are low-odor, flexible and paintable.

Pettit logo.

Contact: Pettit Paint; 800-221-4466;

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