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155 pedrazzhistoric 700

Pedrazzini at 101

from “Rovings,” Professional BoatBuilder No. 155 Compiled by Dan Spurr In 1906, Augusto Pedrazzini, age 22, left his Lake Como home to try his luck working for the boatyards on Lake Zurich,… Read more »

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Custom Carbon Cat Cloth

from “Rovings,” Professional BoatBuilder No. 155 Compiled by Dan Spurr Gold Coast Yachts (St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands), builder of sailing catamarans, started out in 1985 building wood/epoxy boats (see… Read more »

myc breakwater

A Better Breakwater

Reading Paul Lazarus’s feature about the Maine Yacht Center and Brian Harris (“Some Assembly Required” in Professional BoatBuilder No. 155) reminded me of an interesting story Brian told me when… Read more »

David Smyth

Welcome to Westlawn 2.0

from “Rovings,” Professional BoatBuilder No. 154 Compiled by Dan Spurr A West Coast sailor heard the alarm sounded in PBB No. 152 warning that the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology… Read more »