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CTM Marine is a manufacturer of marine air conditioners located in Miami, FL. CTM Marine has taken decades of experience selling marine air conditioners from top brands, and converted it into a marine air conditioning unit with major advantages over other units on the market.

Taking into account complaints from customers over the years on the major brands in the marine AC market, CTM Marine were the first to make the circulating coils on their self-contained units out of titanium, pioneering the use of the most corrosion-resistant material available for seawater cooling coils.

To further improve corrosion-resistance while out at sea, a stainless steel base, bolts and a stainless steel pan frame with ABS tray are used, while high-quality insulation for the blowers prevents condensation on the unit, keeping it dry and corrosion free all-around.

Lightweight and with a small-footprint, CTM units are the perfect choice for new installs. Drop-in replacement is also a breeze, with the units compatible with the controls from other major brands. CTM Marine also offers split-gas and marine chiller systems, built with the same quality engineering and materials, along with a line of marine water pumps and refrigerators.

CTM Marine units run like a top, providing consistent and powerful cooling to more than 10,000 boaters all around the world. However, should any issues occur, an industry-standard 2-year warranty (first year parts & labor, second year parts) on registered units covers any issues the unit may face.

With a global dealer network of over 150 dealers and glowing, you can be sure you’ll always have a close point of contact with a CTM Marine representative. See more about CTM Marine.


  • Our marine air conditioners, including the Chiller System, AC/DC Inverter Systems, Self-Contained Units, Split System, Evaporators, and Air Handlers, range from 6,000 to 72,000 BTUs, offering increased cooling capacity while being more energy efficient.

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CTM Marine Prepares for Summer 2024

 by: CTM Marine  

CTM Marine, major marine air conditioning manufacturer in the US with over 10,000 units sold and a global dealer network of more than 150 dealers, has been preparing for a big summer 2024.

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