Professional BoatBuilder Issue No. 151

October/November 2014 — Table of Contents

Professional BoatBuider 151 coverOn the cover: Building high-quality tooling to tight specs for some of the best-known manufacturers of composite boats has been the core business for Florida-based Marine Concepts since 1976. As boatbuilding technologies have evolved, so have the demands on this mold builder, which has expanded facilities and hired and trained staff to meet the changing needs of clients. Here, an infused Hinckley T34 (10.4m) hull just sprung from a robustly built Marine Concepts mold hangs between its halves. Story on page 68.

Photograph courtesy Marine Concepts and The Hinckley Company.


Winward PassageCourtesy Carol Gurney

Designs of Alan Gurney. Page 24.

24    Passage Maker
by Ted Jones
Best known for drawing the iconic ocean racer Windward Passage, Alan P. Gurney, who died in 2012, designed numerous able offshore and coastal racing and cruising boats before he quit yacht design in the early 1970s for a second career studying polar exploration.

Pilot BoatSteve D’Antonio

Pilot boats in action. Page 52.

52    H/G-H Pilot Boats, Part 2
by Paul Lazarus
Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding in Somerset, Massachusetts, owned and operated by the Duclos family, has built hundreds of custom and semi-custom steel and aluminum small craft and small ships since the yard’s startup in 1955—including more pilot boats than any builder in the country.

Tooling productionRob Mazza

Tooling production. Page 68.

68    What a Concept!
by Rob Mazza
Specializing in everything from plugs to production molds for 38 years, Florida-based Marine Concepts has spurred its recent growth by offering one-stop shopping for new-product development.

Aluminum build sequencingJohn Kecsmar

Aluminum build sequencing. Page 82.

82    Order of Assembly
by John Kecsmar
To prevent distortion in aluminum hull structures, it’s essential to weld the pieces in the correct sequence. But determining that sequence for any given hull requires time, planning, and experience.

Taiwanese-built Fleming yachtSteve D’Antonio

The Fleming story. Page 96.

96    Fleming: An Asian Pacific Venture
by Steve D’Antonio
Tony Fleming has made a career of building boats in the Far East—starting at American Marine in Hong Kong in 1962 and launching the first of his Taiwanese-built Fleming yachts in 1986.

C-Class catamaranSteve Killing

Advances in foil design. Page 110.

110    Flight Plans
by Steve Killing
The introduction and refinement of foils presents intriguing design challenges for the C-Class catamaran teams competing for the “Little Cup.”


6    Letters
Readers comment on matching engines to large props; propeller efficiency; employing experts to avoid build disasters; and more Fairey Marine history.

12    Rovings 
compiled by Dan Spurr
Scott Jutson designs; Edensaw at 30; fixing a Fuji rudder; Aureus Yachts; Nest Protect smoke and CO detectors; thread-size calculator for your smartphone; and a raw-water strainer for tight places.

44    Design Brief
by Steven Weiss
The evolution of lobsterboat hullforms makes a case for the semi-planing cruising powerboat and informs the development of the Neo 41 design.

128    Parting Shot
by Steve D’Antonio
Our technical editor advocates a modern diesel outboard.


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