Professional BoatBuilder Issue No. 155

June/July 2015 — Table of Contents

Professional BoatBuilder cover 155On the cover: The stable tripod and large laser illumination array allow the crew from NDE Solutions (Palma de Mallorca, Spain) to examine the entire Kevlar honeycomb-cored carbon laminate hull, deck, and bulkheads in this new 100′ (30.5m) high-performance sailing yacht in just 240 shots, taken over three workdays. Conventional vacuum-hood laser shearography would have required 10,000 shots to test the same laminate area. Story on page 38.

Photograph by Roby Scalvini.


Offshore racingCourtesy Ron Thibedeau

Early offshore racing. Page 20.

20  Fast Company
by Dan Spurr
A confab of 1960s- and ’70s-era offshore powerboat racers and builders tells how the boats were designed, built, and broken.

ShearographyRoby Scalvini

The new shearography. Page 38.

38  Shearography in the Expanded Frame
by Roby Scalvini
Advances in laser shearography allow for non-destructive examination of large areas in less time and at lower cost than ever before.

Lithium batteriesMark Lenci

Embracing lithium ion. Page 46.

46  Chemical Conversion
by Mark Lenci
An owner makes the switch from lead-acid to lithium batteries aboard his cruising sailboat.

Class 40Courtesy Maine Yacht Center

Business of Class 40s. Page 58.

58  Some Assembly Required
by Paul Lazarus
How a conventional boatyard developed an unconventional, profitable sideline involving shorthanded offshore racing yachts.


4  Letters, Etc.
Readers and an editor comment on modern fiber rigging; the role of scantlings in EU recreational craft standards; chlorine in aluminum tanks; check valves on water tank vents; the limits of AluPEX plumbing; and winterizing water heaters.

10  Rovings
compiled by Dan Spurr
Pedrazzini runabouts; shock-absorbing seat pedestals; a slamming and sickness meter; Ted Irwin remembered; custom carbon cloth for a Gold Coast cat; a stiffer measuring tape; and a call for reinforced plastic plumbing components.

80  Parting Shot
by Dudley Dix
An experienced boat designer and builder tells a cautionary tale of a client’s expensive encounter with online scammers.


72  New Products and Processes

73  Connections

77  Classified Advertising

79  Index to Advertisers