Professional BoatBuilder Issue No. 160

April/May 2016 — Table of Contents

On the cover: A carbon-fiber-and-aluminum hydrofoil mounted on the transom of an underperforming 40′ (12.2m) cruiser was designed to be easily removed if it didn’t improve the vessel’s performance. Fortunately, removal was not necessary. Story on page 32.
Photograph by Butch Dalrymple-Smith.


Dan Spurr

The ingenious Harry Schoell. Page 16.

16  Restless in Miami
by Dan Spurr
Boat designer, builder, and inventor Harry Schoell has created
numerous innovations, from new hullforms to automatic anchor
systems and compact steam engines.

A custom lifting hydrofoilButch Dalrymple-Smith

Fitting a cruiser with a foil. Page 32.

32  The Foil Fix
by Butch Dalrymple-Smith
A custom lifting hydrofoil saves a poorly performing flybridge
cruiser that wouldn’t make designed speed.

Melissa Wood

Disposing of boats.
Page 40.

40  Boat Breaker
by Melissa Wood
In The Netherlands a former boat restorer takes on the growing
problem of unwanted boats, one piece at a time.

Steve D’Antonio

Dangers of ethanol.
Page 54.

54  Hitting the Ethanol Blend Wall
by Nigel Calder
Why a future with E15 gasoline is a near certainty and what the
boating industry can do to cope with it.


4  Letters, Etc.
Readers comment on whether handlebars are right for high-speed boats; causes of chainplate corrosion; combustibility of biodiesel; and the value of a proper schematic.

8  Rovings
compiled by Dan Spurr
Building and rebuilding Knit Wits, the first FRP Hatteras; Tasmanian builder Denman Marine; better cordless tools; eight bells Walt Walters; European RCD revised; and Donald Blount honored as DLBA is acquired.

66  Practical Solutions
by Nicholas Parkyn
Improvements in the quality and cost of sensors and wireless communication have made side-tow testing more useful to yacht designers developing new models.

80  Parting Shot
by Steve D’Antonio
An engine dealer’s approval of an engine installation should not be confused with the manufacturer’s approval. It’s up to builders to ensure that their work meets manufacturer protocols.


73  New Products and Processes

74  Connections

77  Classified Advertising

79  Index to Advertisers