Professional BoatBuilder Issue No. 196

April/May 2022 — Table of Contents

On the cover: Under the stern of the 110′ (33.5m) expedition catamaran H-2, Rob Ayers works on the Evolution Marine Shaft System of the starboard engine before fitting it with the white G-10 interface (in the foreground) for the shaft bearing. Story on page 16.
Photograph by Chris Hannant.



A custom catamaran build. Page 16.

16  One Cat to Carry Them All
by Dieter Loibner
Hauling toys beyond the horizon is the raison d’être for a rugged
Marples-designed catamaran built in the U.S., a notable exception
in the world of big yacht projects.


Designing sailboat hulls. Page 32.

32  Notes on Sailing-Yacht Hullforms
by Jay Paris
Some fundamentals of hull design gleaned from a lifetime of work and research into conventional and novel sailing vessels.


A portable CNC router. Page 44.

44  Goliath: A Small-Shop CNC Robot
by Dieter Loibner
An affordable, portable CNC-cutting machine accommodates boat design development and refinement as well as small-scale in-house production for builders and naval architects.


Boats with big new windows. Page 58.

58  Seeking Closure
by Paul Molyneaux
With growing global demand for new boats, suppliers of hatches, doors, and windows are bucking supply-chain headwinds to deliver new products on time and to order.


4  Letters, Etc.
A reader comments on the research behind the Federal Boat Safety Act of 1971.

8  Rovings
compiled by Dieter Loibner
A U.S. sailor repairs her Mini 6.50 in France for competition in the next Mini Transat; eight bells for Formula’s Vic Porter; and ABYC’s 2021 educators of the year and the new Marine Trades Accreditation Program.

52  Task Sheet: Battery Combiner Installation
by Mike Bonicker
Why and how to install an automated charging relay for charging multiple batteries.

76  Parting Shot
by Jonathan Klopman
A veteran marine surveyor calls on lithium-ion battery manufacturers to help establish marine standards for applying the quickly evolving technology.


70  New Products and Processes

71  Connections

73  Classified Advertising

75  Index to Advertisers