Ghost Mount

Ghost Mount Courtesy Lillipad Marine

Manufactured from stainless steel and aluminum, the Ghost Mount was developed for pontoon boats as a versatile low-profile attachment point for a variety of accessories

LilliPad Marine, a Michigan-based manufacturer of pontoon boat accessories, recently introduced Ghost Mount, one of several products the company makes and markets that have won design awards.

It’s a fitting that serves as an attachment point for numerous add-ons but becomes nearly invisible (hence the name) when these accessories are temporarily removed from the boat, depending on what the leisure program calls for. It works as a single mounting point for deck accessories such as flag poles, rod holders, and grill posts, or in multipoint mounting configurations for boarding ladders, coolers, wheel-chair tie-downs, and diving boards.

LilliPad Marine says the Ghost Mount was tested to more than 1,000 lbs (453 kg) of straight pulling force in marine-grade plywood with minimal deflection. With a face smaller than a quarter, the Ghost Mount installs flush to the deck, so it can be placed almost anywhere without creating an obstruction, a trip hazard, or a toe-stubbing threat. The company claims the fitting works on any style boat, provided the deck thickness is a minimum of ¾” (19mm). It also is compatible with various decking or flooring types, including wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and other composite materials.

Standard mounts are made of 316 stainless steel with a 6061 stamped-aluminum washer, while the saltwater version is all 316 stainless. OEM pricing is available upon request.

When sunk into a 0.625” (16mm) hole in the deck or floor, the shoulder of the Ghost Mount is fully encapsulated by the surface to utilize its wall strength. Internal 10mm (0.39”) threads accommodate through-bolt applications, while the external threads with machined locking flats are best used with custom washers that lock the washer to the shank. The ¾” shoulder provides strength and protection against inadvertently crushing the floors by overtightening the mounting nut, because the custom washer bottoms out on the shoulder of the mounting body.

LilliPad says the mounts will work for decks or floors with a thickness of at least ¾” and up to 1” with the supplied washers and nut, and any thickness over 1 ¾” with the bolt-and-washer option. To produce a 1”–1 ¾” (24.4mm– 44.45mm) gap, the installer uses a spacer under the bolt/washer combination. The bolt installation option requires a bonding agent that’s compatible with the respective deck/floor’s parent material and is injected around the fastener prior to installation to create a permanent bond and prevent twist once cured.

LilliPad Marine, P.O. Box 6933, Traverse City, MI 49696 USA, tel. 800–279–3419.